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As we all know on August 1 was made the bifurcation of the main network blockchain and therefore the currency in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) what not many knows is that we also made extra money with this operation As long as we have had our bitcoins in physical wallets, although some exchanges are also giving this benefit to their users.

Basically what this is about is that the private keys of our Wallets were recorded in the two networks so our bitcoins doubled (so to speak) 1 to 1 in the two networks, and is that if we had 1.5 bitcoins in The BTC network will also have them in the BCC network, so in this article I will explain to you in general how to claim your Bitcoins cash to the BCC Blockchain.

We will start with a little theory, all wallets have a public key (the address itself) and a private key that is the only one we have and the only one we can sign withdrawals, unlike the public one that is used to sign Anchorages. At the time of the division of the network, what happened is that our private key was recorded in the two networks thus duplicating our bitcoins in the two and therefore we exist in the two networks without even having requested it, this is what generated the Hardfork and with which the BCC market was funded.

The first thing we have to know is how to obtain that private key (which we should have a backup) to be able to make the claim, and varies depending on each Wallet, I will put an example to Electrum which is an open source Wallet under license made by The MIT. Here’s an explanation of the steps to take.

Steps to claim your Bitcoin Cash.

Step 1.- Get all the wallets in which you had Bitcoin 1 minute before the Hardfork

Step 2.- Go to Wallet-> Private Keys-> Export and get the private key for your Wallets related to step 1.

Step 3.- Transfer all your bitcoins to a new Wallet, it can also be of electrum or anyone you want to use, in order that if your previous private keys are compromised nobody could not access your bitcoins on the network. This step is optional, but I recommend it extensively.

Step 4.- Use any Wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash, you leave one a wallet for pc, another here and here another.

Step 5.- Import the private keys from step 2 and you’ll see your Bitcoin Cash reflected, exactly the same amount you had in Bitcoin the day of the Hardfork.

With Exodus, you can perform the same procedure, but in the case of this is simpler, we just have to go to the help section and there is a question that says How to claim my BitcoinCash? We only have to follow what is indicated to us and them in automatic carry out all the shipment.

The suggestions of applications in this article are exactly that, suggestions, use them at your own discretion and above all know well about their licenses of use, does not make any type of promotion nor receive any benefit of these applications nor is it responsible For any situation that might happen when using them.

Do you have any questions or did you have a problem with a step?

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