Will Goldman Sachs predict that Bitcoin will reach $ 3,770?

Bitcoin has maintained a bearish trend in the month, but this last week it recovered from $ 1815 to $ 2696, which is almost 50% of its value.

However, Goldman Sachs repeatedly predicts that Bitcoin will reach $ 4,000 dollars making it one of the most important recommendations made by the firm for its customers. In fact, its investors have offered hedge funds on the cryptonnet.

Although there are some for example; McAffee, has made laughable predictions about the criptomoneda that this reached the $ 500,000 per BTC.

The interesting thing is to see how Goldman Sachs gives weight and credibility. With financial institutions paying attention, good things are meant to happen sooner or later.

Most of the losses have been recovered by Bitcoin so far, The next days and weeks will be very interesting for the Cryptomoneda, to be sure that Goldman Sachs will keep an eye on how things are going.

This graph shows that the Bitcoin is coming out of a descending channel and with it passed the test of 23.6% of the Fibonacci And acting in the zone creating technical resistance near the $ 2840.


Source: Gráficos de IG.
In the first weeks of July, investors were careful to start large positions ahead of the controversy, as they feared the possibility that the escalation proposal, which has been threatened to split the criptomoneda would collapse at any time.

But the reality that until now we know and that keeps all investors in uncertainty is the bifurcation that will occur on August 1, given that the date is getting closer and the probability of seeing the currency suffer a major fall Is imminent, before the date quoted and with that makes fear and greed dominate the market.

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