Wikileaks already accepts donations from Zcash

The organization dedicated to the publication of sensitive content in public bodies, Wikileaks announced that from now on accept donations of the crypto coin Zcash, with the intention of further promoting the privacy of users.

The site, which became famous for the publication of secret material, such as images of the Iraq war and the emails of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, revealed via Twitter that will accept Zcash as a new payment option, making it the third crypto coin that Allows for donations, just behind Bitcoin and Litecoin. It should be noted that Wikileaks has accepted contributions with digital coins since 2011 when its revenue stream was compromised thanks to a bank blockade. Since then, the non-profit company has remained calm with its financing model, recording the vast majority of its donations through crypto-currencies … such is the case that to date the Wikileaks Bitcoin portfolio has received more than 26,000 Transactions.

The acceptance of Zcash starts from one of the surveys launched by the organization in early August, where the crypto coins presented were Monero, Ethereum and, indeed, Zcash, obtaining the following results: 45% of the users opted for Ethereum and the 21% opted for Monero, while Zcash got 11% of 12,204 ratings; 23% of the respondents chose the “other” option … Once Wikileaks gave the final announcement via Twitter, it immediately received positive comments from the community, although, as is often the case, some people were not happy at all And came out to defend their favorite digital assets, which of course is positive as this projects the competition that exists in the field of privacy and anonymity.

Paige Peterson, who is dedicated to training users at Zcash, informed ETHNews:

“Zcash is useful for people of different political factions because it is secure, it reaches anywhere on the Internet and its network is totally decentralized.”

Zcash uses a very specific cryptographic methodology called Zk-Snark, which allows hiding the data of a transaction. This means that people who want to donate to Wikileaks will be able to send their funds and no one will know who did it or how much money was sent, which will be very advantageous for the organization to earn many integers in front of the users, since neither Bitcoin nor Litecoin offers Privacy or anonymity when sending money. Zcash supporters can send donations to their preferred two-way alternative: they can do it as a common transaction or move funds to a private address.

It should be noted that the group has used Blockchain technology for other purposes in the past. For example, during a “Ask me what you want” session at Reddit, the organization’s pioneer, Julian Assange, who has been living in the London-based embassy of Ecuador since 2012, used data from Bitcoin’s block chain as A mechanism of “test of life”, to effectively annul the rumors about his death.