Why You Should not Now Sell Your Crypto Coins

Why should not you now sell your crypto coins?

The patience of some is over. I do not think that for miners or anyone, it’s a good time to sell their coins. Since both have cost us to undermine them, be it days, weeks or even months, we must know how to identify the time to sell. We will analyze when it is better to sell a currency code and whether you are a beginner or advanced miner. Even if you are not a miner.

Current situation of your crypto coins

The current situation we are all going through is to pause for a moment, to catch air and to think with a very cool head. We have been suffering a decline of almost 50% or more in some cases for many of the cryptocurrencies for two weeks. It is not surprising that we go through the mind to sell them all and try to save some clean profit.

So what can we do?

Short term:

One of the first things to look at is if you’ve got the benefits so far. With the current calculation difficulties of many of the cryptocurrencies, its benefit is little compared to a few months ago. If we do not need to capitalize, we can transfer the crypto coins to a secure wallet or take them to an exchange and leave them ready to sell.

Medium term:

The second recommendation is to arm yourself with patience and know how to wait for the moment. When a currency crypto rises in a short space of time it is good to seize the opportunity. It may again fall in price because of the sales of other investors or miners.

Long term:

The third option is to leave them parked and wait for them to return to having the price that by our calculations would be ideal to sell them. That means they raise prices by 30% or 50% compared to today’s prices. It can take quite some time for them to go up, it can be weeks even months.

The fourth option would be the one that would cost us the most and we would probably get the best benefits. Let it pass from 3 to 6 months and check if we have doubled, tripled or even look at long-term as a year. Few make such risky deals, but whoever rises the most wins.

If it is good it will go up in price

We may have miners working (if we have them.) In a cryptocurrency in question. If we trust fully in the project and believe it is good, it will grow someday. Sooner or later your market price will increase. Ethereum, Zcash, Zencash, Komodo, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Sia, Signatum, EthClassic and of course Bitcoin and BitcoinCash are excellent projects. They have a projection of future in the rise and the support of big companies.

The strong restrictions on banks and governments make prices vary and can not stop the imminent economic change that is approaching. The growing support of people and groups around the world strengthens this decentralized economy we so desperately need.

Bitcoin and other important cryptocurrencies fluctuate for speculative reasons and not for real valuations. It happens in the short term and then as the adoption gets deeper it generates growth and this is seen in continued rises. The economic trend increasingly in disruptive technology, makes the entire cryptographic financial ecosystem continue to increase and continue to grow. It is a good sign and shows that crypto coins are in good health.

Climb to the train of crypto coins

Many institutions are already using this technology blockchain so they are not a human who control accounting. To delegate to machines these tasks that are dedicated to computerized calculation, our monetary freedom is covered. Decentralizing these services ensures the good financial use, being transparent in their transactions and looking for the citizen, avoiding corruption.

Many companies choose to use blockchain-based projects of various cryptocurrencies. It is expected that they will grow in the following years and their development will increase. I still see lots of crypt coins in diapers and with prices really within reach of all. Knowing that this is just beginning, perhaps we should keep the funds for a reasonable time.

I think it’s a good idea.

Do not sell now, wait and be patient if you can … maybe you have a treasure and do not value it.

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