Waves Launches Explorer 2.0

Waves, the forgotten cryptocurrency with which tokens can be created quickly and easily, resurfaces as a bird fenix, announcing its explorer 2.0.

The new version is optimized for mobile devices and adapts perfectly to the unified design concept of Waves.

Christmas and relentless, the Waves team is still working hard and is pleased to announce another major release before the end of the year. The new version of Waves Explorer 2.0 is an important update, which aligns the user interface with the design of other Waves products. Several stability patches have been included and, more importantly, have improved the experience for mobile devices.

New user interface

The frontend team has created a much clearer and easier-to-use interface, and the overall application experience is now similar to other applications in the Waves ecosystem.

The design has been adapted for mobile devices, so it is now easy to verify transactions and the status of the network from your smartphone or tablet.

Network Configuration

The new Explorer allows you to easily switch between MainNet and TestNet. In addition, there is a convenient tool that allows users to configure the Explorer for their customized network, which means they can track any network or node they want.

Stability and performance

The quality of the code has been improved by eliminating unnecessary API calls and the use of new libraries. The result of these optimizations is a remarkable improvement in the load times of pages and components. Since Waves is one of the fastest open block chains in the world, its goal is to build the fastest Explorer in the world, with the same user experience unmatched by our other applications.

They are currently working on new APIs that will allow them to show the distribution of tokens by address and see how the balance history changes. It also plans to add a map of the distribution of network nodes around the world, with basic information to start and much more.

Try out new Waves Explorer: https://wavesexplorer.com.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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