Waves Coinomat between doubts about delays in his retreats

Waiting for Sasha Ivanov, creator of the Waves platform and founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Waves Coinomat, to make statements in this regard, we find a thread in BitcoinTalk in which a “newbie” user (bcfinancial) accuses the exchange of fraud.

Apparently, there seem to be problems with withdrawing Fiat money according to complaints from users and investors who could not withdraw their fiduciary money, to which the Waves team says it is saturated and are not responsible, but curiously calls the attention the low volume of transactions in the DEX exchange that contradicts the Coinomat support portal.

The foundation of the accusation is not only based on the delays or impossibility of withdrawals of the users but, in the relationship that Sasha Ivanov has with the companies behind the Waves and Coinomat platform, some of them already cladified as Ponzi scams.

Thus, the bcfinancial user indicates that:

“The company that owns Coinomat.com is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom, ELITE WAY DEVELOPMENT LLP, if a search is made, it can be seen in the public records that there are 2 official registered companies on the island of Seychelles, DAMITRA GROUP LTD., And LAMEN BUSINESS LTD., These 2 companies are involved in Ponzi fraud and other types of scams.You can also see that the company ELITE WAY DEVELOPMENT LLP has a delay in filing its returns. Tidex Exchange, where the largest volume of tokens is commercialized on the Waves platform.”

and indicates several related news links:  Damitra Group LTD and Lamen Business LTD

Although the value quoted by Waves, today falls by -5%, does not seem to be justified by this accusation, of which the community is still waiting for a logical explanation. Meanwhile, all are innocent until proven otherwise.


Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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