Urbit will move its virtual servers to Ethereum

Urbit, a P2P network of personal servers, has announced plans to rebuild its structure based on Ethereum … Since the company had always had the affinity with Blockchain technology, but the truth is that they had never implemented a chain of blocks as part of the platform. Its trial version, which has been online for a year, will be updated to employ smart contracts.

On the Urbit website you can see:

“We believe that controlling your own data, code and identity is the true definition of digital freedom. For us, we all need digital freedom, not just a few hackers. We believe that the only tool needed to solve this problem is a general purpose server for people, and Urbit is as easy to manage as an iPhone. The platform is designed to become a true digital republic: a network of individual-owned nodes that do not rely on a trunk, a decentralized and connected, secure and free. “

According to the company’s blog, smart contracts will be based on the formal standard for issuing tokens of Ethereum, ERC20. The most recent post on the site highlights:

“We are going to instantiate a registry to assign Urbit addresses, a processed ERC20 token to create a self-government voting system.”

According to representatives of the company, in the future, all payments will be carried out through the blockchain. Urbit will create its own Web browser bifurcated by the code of Ethereum, in addition to subcontracting security measures to the platform. However, the decision to integrate the ecosystem did not come without some doubt, as developers Curtis Yarvin and Galen Wolfe-Pauly argued that Ethereum “goes against all Urbit principles” … both explained:

“The Ethereum system is suspect and unstable, its dilution rate is inconceivable, its integrated development environment is full of errors and bad traits.”

Despite this, the plan goes ahead and Urbit will soon launch its sale of tokens