The user Zero404CoolFollow has published in Medium, a way to access the HardWallet of Trezor, by a failure in one of the chips of STMicroelectronics specifically the chip ST32F05, being able to reveal the keys deprived of the device.

In his article, Zero404CoolFollow also claims that this security breach also affects Keepkey and the upcoming Trezor v2, as they also use a similar STMicroelectronics chip.

TREZOR for its part has released a firmware update (TREZOR Firmware Security Update – 1.5.2) indicated as a security update that resolves the attack vector failure and leaving its device safe.

The attack vector fault can be performed in several ways, either via software or by dismounting the TREZOR unit and bypassing the system board.

Both TREZOR and the publisher of, recommend to the extent possible update your device with the official firmware announced.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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