Trezor already has a new wallet: The “Model T”

Leading an overwhelming demand for Bitcoin’s physical portfolios, Ledger and Trezor are the market’s leading companies … the latter has earned a solid reputation, and it seems that it will continue to be among the most discussed topics by the community for a long time , it turns out that it has just announced its new “Model T“, a totally original wallet of which only 4,000 units will be created, with a new RGB LCD touch screen that uses an RM Cortex-M4 processor … It will be a collection device that already it can be ordered, given that it will arrive in the market in January 2018.

Thus, although the “Model T” has a strong visual resemblance to other portfolios of the company, the truth is that its screen is larger and supports up to eight different crypto actives: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC). It is always nice to see that companies do not stop thinking about more solutions of this type for users, and Trezor’s new wallet, like its first device, requires the execution of screen commands to fulfill tasks that are linked to Confidential data – USB communication is only used after authentication. According to representatives of Trezor: “When holding the ‘Model T’ for the first time, the first thing that can be noticed is the striking colors of its touch screen.”

The company has also declared that the “Model T” will admit other electronic currencies in the future, although for now, with a list of assets so bulky to choose, it is not clear what these currencies will be; In addition, the device has a USB-C connection and compatibility with MicroSD cards, and although the price of 149 euros is a little high, the tempting features are enough to at least consider the acquisition. We speak of a good alternative to introduce family and friends in the world of cryptocurrency … after all, it is a great time to secure electronic money as much as possible.

Those responsible for developing the firmware of the device, the team of Satoshi Labs – a company based in the Czech Republic, commented:

“By developing from scratch, we take advantage of all our experience working on different projects like the original wallet for Trezor. With this new model we remain faithful to our open source tradition, so the software is available for the user to review and adapt. ”

You can preorder Trezor’s “Model T” by clicking here.

Eduardo Gómez

Eduardo Gómez

Eduardo Gómez is a Venezuelan freelance writer and Information's Technology Professional. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and has been drawn to it ever since. He also works as a Customer Support Agent at the San Francisco-based Bitcoin startup