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We reviewed some of the most popular “centralized” Exchanges by 2018 market volume and with that, we prepared for a very hectic 2019 in which we will have to take into account some or several of them to get the best performance to our crypts.

What is a “Decentralized” exchange (DEX)?

It is the one that does NOT guard your crypts, it simply acts as a bridge between the buyer and the seller, your crypts move only when you want to perform the specific operation, they do not depend on any country at a legislative level (so it is difficult to claim in case of problems), they do not require KYC in most cases and their level of security is high, only dependent on the responsibility with which the client. Some DEX exchanges are Waves-DEX,, IDEX, EtherDelta, ForkDelta, district0x or Stellar-DEX.

What is a “Centralized” exchange?

It is the one that guards your crypts, has the information “centralized” on one or more servers. Normally they must comply with legal regulations of the country where they are registered, and in turn, users must go through KYC processes to justify their financial movements within the exchange. They are prone to security failures because of their centralized condition, but they are comfortable and easy to use.

In this article, we will see only “centralized” exchanges. The order of the list is approximated by its popularity and by its annual average volume, which may vary within a few days of the end of 2018, and does not have to be relevant when choosing an exchange, since each one It provides different characteristics such as commissions, number of pairs, liquidity, manageability, security, etc …


Binance has been by reference the exchange that has handled the most volume in 2018. With new headquarters in Malta, a country that has adopted and modified its laws for the acceptance of the cryptocurrency trade, and coming from an ICO, they make it one of the best projects executed successfully and in continuous growth, thanks to its almost 400 pairs listed.

BitMEX with its leverage option of up to x100, makes any offer multiply its volume (and risk) up to 100 times. Although it has few pairs, it offers future envelopes some cryptocurrencies that, together with the high leverage, which makes it very attractive for professional traders.

Cryptopia is one of the most popular exchanges among crypto investors novice, easy to use, with many tokens of ICOs, easy to exchange for more stable cryptocurrencies.

Poloniex boosted its popularity by being the first to add tokens not listed in any other exchange. Under many rumors suffered, supposedly, due to problems with its servers, it remains stable and with volume.

bithumb is the leader in Asia and Korea in volume of cryptocurrency transactions. Available in several languages, and similar in appearance to other popular exchanges, it is the leader in the East in the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It offers options like exchange by OTC.

OKEx is a Hong Kong-based exchange offering tokens, spot and futures trading. It also offers margin trading for users who wish to trade in leverage.

Huobi is operated by Huobi Global Limited, a company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles. This cryptocurrency financial services group was established in September 2013 in Beijing. Having originally focused on the Chinese market, Huobi began to focus on cryptography merchants around the world following the crackdown by the Chinese government on cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017. It currently offers its platform to users in more than 130 countries and has offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Kraken, the most veteran, active since 2011, is included in some price referents as an average calculation in cryptocurrency indexes and official market indicators, big problems to support the avalanche of new users (running very slow for a while), but In turn, he knew how to evolve and scale safely and correctly.

Bitstamp is an online bitcoin market that allows people from all over the world to buy and sell bitcoins safely. It is not one of those platforms that offers a multitude of exotic and unknown cryptocurrency, but a company that focuses on the most demanded, but yes, it offers excellent service. The company was established in 2012 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with additional offices in Luxembourg; and Berkeley, California.

Lescovex is an exchange just out of the oven, with little volume but offers the characteristic of being able to trade in a “centralized” or “decentralized” way and also allows us to “tokenize” any asset that we want, that is, we can create a smart contract in seconds and have our tokens for your use and quote.

Well, these are 10 of some centralized exchanges that we have considered relevant, of the more than 200 that are active.

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