Three days mining Bitcoin Gold

In the last three days, mining Bitcoin Gold, many interesting things have happened. Mainnet and the string of finally stable blocks.

But are three days enough to know if this project will have a future?

Three days overcoming network problems

Like all or almost everything, the first beginnings are not and should not be the path of roses. In addition, in these three days, there has been great support from many recognized mining groups and pools. The network has had to support large amounts of mining in a very short time.

One of the pools that caught my attention was Suprnova, with an online mining capacity of almost 16,000 users. Saturation problems, network update, and blockchain have been a real problem in the connection. With all this and other things like attacks and not having the chain properly updated, have made more than one doubt.

If with only three days, and approaching almost a sixth of the computation compared to Zcash, it is quite a feat to achieve stability. Connections giving errors, jumps, refusals and pools testing their capacity, they could not pull down the mining.

At first, the difficulty adjustment algorithm increased without problems until approximately twice the initial difficulty. Many miners managed by the insistence to connect correctly. Many may have expected an easy gold mining “gold rush” in those very important early hours.

The result was the other way round because the difficulty adjustment per block was continued adjusting to maintain an average block time of 10 minutes. At the end of the second day, the interest of mining began to decrease, and the algorithm reduced the difficulty, maintaining a good average time of creation of blocks.

Many rewards have already been paid for removing blocks in time, while the hash rate increases correctly.

Payments and transfers per day

All transfers and payments are up to date and both wallets and suppliers are already including Bitcoin Gold in their options.

All those who had Bitcoin at the time of the October fork now have Bitcoin Gold, and users have been doing tests.

All the hard work of the Bitcoin Gold team has served to reaffirm its power. The degree of strength and vision of the future for the next few months will determine your path. Decentralizing Bitcoin Gold is being a success, although it is still early.

It is worth mentioning that the Trezor company, dedicated to physical Bitcoin hardware portfolios, is already implementing Bitcoin Gold.

Positive results of the mining community

Both the stability of the network and the connected nodes are constantly growing. Miners from all over the world are adding to the network and tightening security.

This is very important since the survival of Bitcoin Gold will be based on constant support in the following months. It is still early to know, for sure, optimal results and needs to reinforce the network against attacks and vulnerabilities.

The team that has made this possible and that in just three days has been able to solve these problems is enormously grateful. In addition, they thank all the miners for their confidence in this project and their unconditional patience.

Bitcoin Gold wants to be a blockchain, decentralized, armored and secure, as you would expect from this cryptocurrency. It seems that his motto is “#1CPU1VOTE“, which seems to have fallen short.

We add therefore better “# 1 GPU = 1 VOTE” ..