Theter, print USDT when you need them

It has become evident that more than one-third of Tether’s total supply was created after December 6, 2017, the date on which Bitfinex received the delivery note from the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

This has led to the loss of Tether banking partners and has questioned the integrity and transparency of both companies.

Widespread speculation has attributed the increased issuance of USDT to the last attempt by Tether and Bitfinex to manipulate the BTC markets in light of the citation. Many sources have argued that much of the Tether created since December 6 may have been produced without the support of the USD, and then traded in bags to bring the price to record levels before the citation was revealed.

The statement issued by Bitfinex and Tether with respect to the citation of CFTC states:

“We routinely receive legal proceedings from law enforcement agents and regulators who carry out investigations, and it is our policy not to comment on such requests.”

The news of the citation was published days after Jay Clayton, president of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, and J. Christopher Giancarlo, president of the CFTC, were co-authors of an open letter in which they analyzed their opinion. on the role of regulatory institutions with respect to the cryptocurrency markets.

The letter states that after the launch of the bitcoin futures markets of CBOE and CME, the CFTC “oversaw the bitcoin futures market in the US and accessed data that can facilitate the detection and tracking of Defective players in the underlying spot markets”

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Jose Felip

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