The pool F2Pool abandoned mining support SegWiT2X

F2Pool has stopped pointing out support for SegWit2x, for the November implementation of the controversial block expansion proposal these days.

Mining proposals with F2Pool

In May, the Bitcoin pool, F2Pool, joined all major mining operations in the signing of the New York Agreement. The proposal of Barry Silbert was that it tried to solidify the consensus for SegWit2x and that would be an improvement of the protocol. Almost all supporters would help to realize the proposal to scale Bitcoin. By agreeing to manage higher volumes of transactions more efficiently.

In addition, the bitcoin community, including Bitcoin Core developers, objected to SegWit2x. This has led to a thunderous and controversial discussion within the ecosystem. As a result, it is likely that the Bitcoin network will be divided into two blocks by mid-November.

F2Pool and Bitcoin Core oppose SegWit2x

F2Pool currently extracts 10% of the Bitcoin network blocks. As of yesterday, 95% of Bitcoin’s miners were signaling their support for the controversial fork. With the loss of 10% of F2Pool, the numbers are added to the opposite string (SegWit).

SegWit2x is going to be a hard nut to crack, supported almost unanimously by the miners. The opposition has been very strong by the development team of Bitcoin Core and a large number of users, exchanges, and companies. With the loss of F2Pool, 85% of the miners are still signaling their support for SegWit2x, but F2Pool’s output triples the hash power of the “NO2X” miners, which disagree.

What does SegWit2x mean?

SegWit2x is a commitment to end the scalability crisis. It was agreed at the consensus conference in New York in May of this year. Led by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, attendees signed the “New York Agreement,” which paved the way for the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) in August.

Bitcoin’s development team was strongly opposed to the “2x” part of the plan. A hard bifurcation would be the result of doubling the size of the block to a minimum value in terms of scaling, and the risk of a division of the chain. It would also be unacceptable to force the chain when it comes to updating a network as massive as Bitcoin. The developers of Bitcoin Core and many others did not think it was worth the risk.

Result of disputes

Given these developments, some analysts theorize that traders and investors are skeptical that SegWit2x will run the tough holder next month, leading to the current rally that has raised the bitcoin price to a new historical high of over $ 5,200 Dollars.

There is a lot of uncertainty about Bitcoin’s support for the stronger and more powerful mining chain. Big companies like Coinbase, Xapo and Bitpay, continue to support the SegWit2x and it seems that they will not change.

Large investors and capital groups are looking with great anticipation at these drastic changes. It may happen that Bitcoin is strengthened because of the layers that are added and make it a better network. Or it may happen that they do not just work out as well as they hoped and win the chain opposed to such decisions.

Undoubtedly, are changes and rises that Bitcoin is noticing. We’ll see who wins but for now, is not the strongest. Stay tuned for the changes that will happen in November.

What we do know is that the winning chain will continue to be called BTC, the original Core.

Let’s hope it is like that.