The NON central CONF offers free Blockchain training

Next Saturday 23, parallel to the program of the NON central CONF, there will also be presentations of introduction to blockchain technology, open, free and in Spanish. The OPEN non CONF.

Less than a week for the Spanish blockchain circles to begin to be mentioned as the event of the year, and the promoters of the initiative, the León Blockchain HUB Association want to bring the congress closer to the Leonese and that the step of this list of specialists international and the NON CONF itself, can serve so that more Leonans understand the potential of this technology, and can advance professionally and in their business with it, main objective of Leon Blockchain HUB, create development in Leon around the invention of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, for which the city of León has the necessary resources to have something to say in it, as shown by the results obtained in these two years of work, with jobs, investment and new innovative companies and international positioning.

The event, which was born as a way to bring together all the people that during the trips that the Association has made, have heard of León, account, one week after its celebration, with approximately one hundred attendees from so different countries like Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, France, England, Holland, Argentina or Mexico to name a few, who come to know and enjoy the city of León and to celebrate the night of SanJuanToshi Nakamoto, a festive proposal for the night that the attendees of the “NON CONF ” will happen in León, and for which the association has the support of Studio 54 for a night full of magic, surprises, and fire …

In addition, the central NON CONF will bring León to the most important part of the blockchain community, and a good part of this group of people will be those who share their knowledge with all those students, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or just curious people who come to the 23rd the exhibition hall of the Leon Oeste Civic Center, donated by the ILDEFE for the celebration of the central NON CONF.

The capacity of the room is 40 people, and although there is no need for prior registration, people who have made it through the “meetup” of the Association, will have preference in the seat if there were space problems.

The topics to be discussed during this intensive day of introduction to blockchain through bitcoin, will go from the origin of money, cryptography and movement cypherpunk, operation of bitcoin and its evolution to Lightning Network or Smart Contracts and use cases, and will include a demonstration and an explanation of the Dash cryptocurrency, “fintech blockchain solution friend” of the event, as well as a practical workshop for programmers to install an RSK node, the Smart contracts platform on bitcoin that supports the educational programs of León Blockchain HUB, and a Solidity introduction workshop and deployment of a simple Smart contract.

The teachers who will deal with these issues are fundamentally members of the Innorthvation collective, and more friends and teachers of León Blockchain HUB, Claudiu Tanasescu, Enrique Melero, Luis Meijueiro, Iñigo Molero, Aitor Ibáñez, Luis Carlos García, Rubio Lander, Gabriela Chang, José Antonio Rodríguez or Jesús Herencia … all of them will share their knowledge and answer questions from the audience next Saturday.

The practical workshops for programmers will count with the presence of Ale Banzas, Global Community Coordinator of RSK Labs, who will be in León in this first training action of León Blockchain HUB, after the certification as RSK Ambassador of Borja Lanza, member of the board director of the Association, and which marks the beginning of the development of the RSK Educate Program in León, together with the support of the Argentine company RSK Labs and its educational program.

This program aims to facilitate the training of blockchain technology professionals, as a means of community development, and right now León has two “ambassadors” of this educational program of the Argentine company, and new ones on the way.

After the summer break the Association will convene a training plan as ambitious as massive, with the support of institutions and companies that want to join the initiative, in this first day OPEN non CONF, the Circle of Entrepreneurs, FAB LAB León, Plain Concepts , Transleyca, Xeridia, Sirera Pharmacy, Hosteleón, AutoPalacios, Robher Asesores, Húmedo Valley, or the Hotel Conde Luna make possible with your support not only these open days, but the celebration of the central NON CONF itself.

The goal is to have 100 blockchain developers in the province of León before the end of the year.

Do you get on the blockchain train? CHU CHUUUUUU …. !!!

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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