The BlackFriday and Bitnovo: A coffee with Luis Vaello

Bitnovo has us used to his incursions in large surfaces, but suddenly find a Bitnovo card in a catalog Blackfriday Mediamarkt, priceless.

I am always complaining about the remoteness of Bitcoin to people, how much closer it can be to a supermarket shelf. Where there are already “gift cards” that can be exchanged for satoshis on the Bitnovo page.

Likewise, these coupons that are offered in Mediamarkt fulfill the same function, they are bought by euros and then in the Bitnovo page, without records and anonymously exchanged for satoshis that are stored in the wallet itself.

I call Luis Vaello, Founder and Director of Bitnovo, for a coffee:

– When you exchange the satoshis there is an app that you have to derive them or any wallet serves?
-To your favorite Wallet, Luis says proudly.

We sit on a terrace, it’s November and it’s not cold. We have not talked about your company for a long time, although I’ve seen your progress up close.

“You complain” Luis says laughing. “You have bitcoin in the Carrefour” (a large area). I smile remembering the times that Luis has had to listen to my complaints about the remoteness of cryptocurrencies with respect to people.

-From when you’re working on this
-We have it in Carrefour 2 months ago, and we go to all of Europe, we start in Italy, next month Portugal, we have raised more than 300,000 stores in 2018.

-What is the purpose of these coupons or cards?
– That people buy Crypto in the easiest way, without complications, without records.

– Have you had good reception?
-Of course, incredible, or do you think that Mediamarkt would put it in the most important leaflet of Spain in all the mailboxes?

-And does Mediamarkt accept Bitcoin?
-Do not. But he sells it through Bitnovo

– Would you like to also accept Bitcoin?
– Sure but little by little. Now we’re in the phase of people getting hold of cryptocurrencies and then using them

I raise my thoughtful brow. “It makes sense.” I answer and sit up to continue asking. “Did you say that you’re thinking of adopting another crypto later on?”
-Dash. It also comes out in less than a month.

– And why Dash?
-Because it is fast, easy and with very economic transactions.

-How come Christmas for Bitnovo?
-totally high

I can imagine in the letter to Santa Claus a special request: a “Gift Card” full of Satoshis. Why not start a child in the world of cryptocurrencies?

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Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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