The Bitnovo company adds Dash to its offer purchase of cryptocurrencies

Bitnovo is a simple and secure platform specialized in the Bitcoin world, which offers Bitcoin purchase services and specific debit cards in Bitnovo, now adds the Dash cryptocurrency in its services.

Bitnovo has become one of the Spanish companies that support easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies, with new products and integrations in its portfolio. Initially oriented to the purchase and sale of Bitcoins, they have managed to be suppliers of rechargeable debit cards with cryptocurrencies, which range from the typical card with user data to completely anonymous cards that do not store the data, which makes them a product desired to offer this degree of privacy. All this integrated to its platform that allows the recharge of the cards, as well as the purchase of cryptocurrencies directly towards the purse of choice of the client.

Why Dash?

During the last months we have been suffering from an increase in bitcoin transaction fees and slower confirmations. Dash is really fast and has instant sending that provides 10 confirmations in 1 minute WowW! Dash also has low rates that really allow it to be used as digital cash. With Bitcoin you can not pay for a soda since the cost of the transaction would be at least 3 times the cost of the drink, but this does not happen to Dash!

“We really like the philosophy of the cryptocurrency Dash, we think that a crypto must be very fast when making a transaction and also have a low cost per shipment.This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin was created, but Dash we like not only because of this but because it has an incredible roadmap to become one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to use, and we think that is where it can best fit for an adoption of the masses”, account Luís Vaello, CTO of Bitnovo.

Fast recharge of the card

Ok, we know that Dash is fast, what can we do with him in Bitnovo? You can use Dash to convert it into Euros almost instantly and load your prepaid cards. You can choose the Novo card or the anonymous Bitcard, both are ready to be used with Dash.

“From Bitnovo you will be able to recharge all our cards, including the anonymous card, you will also be able to buy Dash quickly and securely by credit or debit card or by bank transfer and, last but not least, you will be able to redeem Our Gift Cards or coupons for Dash This exchange of coupons serves both those of retailers such as Carrefour or MediaMarkt or those of Bitnovo’s ATMs Thanks to this integration for 2018 we hope to have more than 300,000 shops where you can buy Dash through of Bitnovo making it much easier to access new users” explains Luís Vaello, CTO of Bitnovo.


Buy Dash at or any of its retailers

In addition to using Dash to convert into euros, we know that many of you want to buy Dash. Starting today, you can buy Dash with debit or credit card and bank transfer on your website.

Bitnovo is one of the fastest ways to buy cryptocurrencies and now you can buy Dash, which allows users to make smaller purchases, something that is not very useful today with Bitcoin.

If you want to buy Dash with cash from your pocket, we will soon launch it with our coupons. Soon it will be available in more than 10,000 retailers in Spain, including MediaMarkt and Carrefour with our coupons and gift cards! Any of our coupons will allow you to exchange it for Dash at Soon more than 300,000 retailers in Europe and other regions will have our coupons to buy Dash in as many countries as possible!

You can also buy the coupon at any of its ATMs and soon they will launch a Dash ATM.


Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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