The Bitcoin Classic project ceases its activities and expresses its support for Bitcoin Cash

The struggle within the Bitcoin community intensifies to take control of Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy with the appearance and cancellation of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Segwit2x forks respectively.

The Bitcoin Classic team has announced that it has finished the project. The decision was made when the fork of Bitcoin Segwit2x was canceled, due to the appearance of the Bitcoin Cash fork and the scant search for scalability solutions within the Bitcoin Core community.

Bitcoin Classic was a hard fork project that offered an alternative vision of the BTC scale problem, opposing the implementation of the Lightning Network solution instead of supporting the increase in the block size limit. The Bitcoin Classic team requested an immediate increase in the block size limit from 1 MB to 2 MB and to 4 MB within the next two years after fork activation. But the ideas of the project did not gather the desired support within the Bitcoin Core community.

The letter, signed by developer Tom Zander and published on the Bitcoin Classic website, says:

“In these two years, many things have happened: many competent people have tried to do what Bitcoin Classic tried, with more ambitious and fairer proposals and, ultimately, a lower demand for growth, and all failed in the attempt to move Bitcoin Core to a scaling solution – any scaling solution! “

The Bitcoin Classic team has accused the Bitcoin Core team of inability to develop a medium-term solution for the Bitcoin network and the “great divergence” with the vision of its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

“The fact that the original Bitcoin chain is stuck in 1MB, and that probably does not change, confirms the viability of the Bitcoin Cash chain.”

According to the Bitcoin Classic team, in the next six months, users will leave the original Bitcoin and migrate to Bitcoin Cash, which will be called simply bitcoin, without the suffix “Cash”, since they consider this as the successor of the ideas of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto.

The same point of view was expressed, in mid-October, by Roger Ver, the investor, and ideologue of Bitcoin Cash, who was one of the supporters of Bitcoin Classic during his active period of work.

“Although the Segwit chain inherited the name Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash chain is much more similar to the Bitcoin version that has led to the rise of Bitcoin, as it is an exemplary electronic payment system,” Roger wrote in a statement.

The Bitcoin Classic project was launched in January 2016 by former Bitcoin developer Core Gavin Andresen. Bitcoin Classic at the time of launch was backed by the same Bitcoin enthusiasts, who then backed up other alternative scaling solutions. The list of Bitcoin Classic supporters included developer Jeff Garzik, one of the ideologists SegWit2x, investor Roger Ver, a supporter of Bitcoin Cash, the general manager of the North American exchange Copinbase Exchange Bryan Armstrong, all of them signatories of the New York Agreement in May 2017.

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