The Bitcoin again in the line of fire

The case of the Referendum cited by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia is known all over the world. It was a referendum declared illegal by the government of Spain, and it had been indicated that money from public coffers could not be managed for that purpose. The rest is history: it developed equally.

Nothing concerns this publication, except that on November 24 jumps in several traditional publications: The Govern used bitcoins to hide expenses of the referendum” and “Growing investment in ‘bitcoins’ in the middle of the Catalan independence crisis

“Boom” my head explodes in three different parts first thing in the morning, I read the article and I find the errors in a bird’s eye. Google? Amazon? All of us who work in cryptocurrency specialized publications know that these companies do not accept payments in bitcoin (although third parties may, if they do, to reach the services of those companies). Naively and in the form of a complaint she sent a tweet to the journalist explaining her error and my annoyance.

But things got worse, not only the written press but also television, stating that the Generalitat used bitcoins to hide the expenses of the referendum, according to a report from the Civil Guard of Spain. Okay, we already have the Civil Guard as a source, but I want to emphasize the tendentious nuance of the currency and the textual quote:

They did it to leave no trace: “They are not governed by any type of central authority such as the European Central Bank, you do not have to know who bought them, therefore it allows certain opaque operations,” explains Carlos Tomás, technological director of Enigmedia Security.

Therefore, we would like to “clarify” some details that seem relevant to us, without underestimating the big news media or the writers of the news:

“He used software from Google and Amazon as part of the computer support of the query and paid for it with the virtual currency”

Neither Google nor Amazon accepts as a form of payment for their cryptocurrency services of any kind, you can check the reader by contracting any service when you reach the payment option you will see that no such option appears. In the case that it was true if you have used bitcoin to use any service, you can search for the wallet and the transaction, since it is incorruptibly registered in a new technology called Blockchain. In any case, anyone can pay for services in the traditional way, the serious question of where the money came from to convert it into bitcoins to carry out that service contracting action.

“Amazon was paid the infrastructure that the Generalitat used to count the votes of the call of October 1, and Google, the service by the so-called Project Privacy Shield”

Google’s Project Privacy Privacy service is free.

“PascalCoin and CatCoin are two modest virtual currencies created by Catalans”

Pascalcoin, its inventor is Catalan, but there are more developers together … and Catcoin is a coin of the year 2014, of cats …..

“Catcoin is the new virtual currency, representative of our culture and ideas, which we will put into circulation next to the euro”.

As the reader will see, the coin of “cats” has been confused with one that has not yet been put into circulation by a supposed Bank of Catalonia (BoC).

In summary, mixing policy with cryptocurrencies does not work well, and the rush in writing is very bad.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.