Sydney University students to earn Ethereum through mobile app purchases

When it comes to pushing the adoption of crypto-activists, the student body remains a key audience. In fact, today it is very valuable to instruct and motivate students with didactic videos on the subject, but the interesting thing is that some institutions do not stick with this and go further … One example is the University of New Wales South (UNSW) campus in Sydney, Australia, as it will allow its students to join the Unify Rewards program so they can earn small amounts of Ethereum through purchases in mobile applications.

Although the role of universities in this area is, for the moment, small, the fact is that we have seen some very significant efforts. In Australia, things are being done in an innovative way and the Unify Rewards program is an interesting proposal that is worth keeping track of: students are tasked with using mobile apps from dedicated stores at the University of Sydney and for every 10 purchases receive $ 5 at Ethereum … The program will run for six weeks and around 500 participants, and it will be interesting to see if it attracts several students who are not interested in the world of cryptocurrencies; after all, who says no to free money that is earned through legitimate means.

This project has been given thanks to LoyaltyX, startup that has gained a remarkable impact in the last months; in addition, the initiative will allow the university to collect data on student behavior. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Australia has already announced the elimination of the double tax on Cryptomonedas by 2018 – a controversial measure that came into force in 2014 – a decision that will contribute to greater adoption in the future. And even though ETH $ 5 may not be much now, it must be remembered that easily, in a few years, that amount can be converted to $ 50, because although positive things are predicted no one knows what the future holds for Ethereum.

What is undoubtedly is that in the university area awaits a very interesting future for Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Faced with the question of whether more universities will opt for similar initiatives to reward students with BTCs or altcoins, it will be up to the institutions themselves to assess the potential and results of the proposals that are already underway … as far as Australia is concerned, it is so simple as that will have to wait at the end of November to check whether the project has succeeded or not.