Stolen data from Bitmain customers: Miners in danger?

The database of the company Bitmain, the supplier of computers ANTMINER which are used mainly for the mining of Bitcoin has been hacked.

Your customer data: names, emails, telephones, and addresses have been stolen from the company.

As confirmed by a source close to the firm,

the main danger facing this situation is for those who live in countries like Venezuela or China where mining is persecuted by the States. However, this data can not be linked or tracked to any wallet, since the Bitcoin network remains impassable, so mining is safe. Our source assured.

The measures recommended by Bitmain users at the moment are: Change email passwords, Bitmain access keys, wallet keys and anything similar to the Bitmain key. In this way, users cannot be traced.


Remember, this summer, Bitmain already had similar problems, so speculation about the data that stores Bitmain and its value, seems to be very interested in Hackers who want to sell stolen data for purposes not very favorable.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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