Social Searches: A short coffee with Gustavo Segovia

The Fundación OnceBlockchain 4GoodRocks, the Instituto Empresa and Design4Chain will carry out the Blockchain4Good Design Challenge two days where different social challenges will be analyzed and solutions will be designed where the Blockchain technology offers an innovative and differential value. For this, they have the help of Facilitators specialized in Design Thinking and knowledgeable about blockchain technology that will help unlock their applicability in new social and economic models. This meeting will be held on June 1 and 2 at IE University.

To attend this meeting you must fill out a pre-registration, since the quotas are limited to being a meeting focused on social objective work. However, there are concepts that I can not understand, so I’m looking for someone to answer me … of course, I find it

In the cafeteria I met Gustavo Segovia, whom I intercepted as a “Quiddich” blocker; He greeted me with his usual smile to which I only replied “I do not understand”. What do not you understand? Gustavo told me to the brink of laughter.

-What is this meeting? I asked sulking.

It is an encounter that we have organized in order to explore the possibilities offered by technology and design solutions to improve the conditions of society. He also wants to explore what union methodologies such as Design Thinking and tools such as the Blockchain have to offer.

-What is Design Thinking?

It is a tool that promotes the application of the designer’s thinking to the resolution of social and / or business challenges.

– How many assistants are confirmed?

About 24 people have confirmed to this day.

I frown and remember the original invitation in which it is explained that “The event is designed so that 5 teams, with a maximum of 5 people each (of different profiles and background), propose solutions putting the user or person impacted in first flat, also taking into account the technical feasibility and economic viability of the same. “

-Why have you organized this meeting?

For love…

Therefore and forced by the circumstances I will attend this meeting to find out what it is and break some coffees.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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