Smart Dubai wins prize for its Blockchain City project

Although many countries have already specified their position on electronic currencies, others are mired in a sea of indecision. However, there are territories that are currently working on proposals of the most interesting, and a case that is particularly striking is the strategy of Dubai: boost all government transactions through the chain of blocks for the year 2020 … The proposal, launched in 2016, won a distinction at the Smart City exhibition in Barcelona, an award ceremony that recognizes the most innovative and successful projects that are being implemented in the area of urban development. As stipulated in a report by the News Agency of the Arab Emirates (WAM), a total of 308 initiatives from 58 countries were measured.

Becoming the first city in the world to operate fully with Blockchain technology is something that will not be easy, but Wesam Lootah, the Executive Director of Smart Dubai, commented:

At Smart Dubai we aim to go beyond applying the Blockchain in our own applications. In fact, we are currently working on the first set of international standards for the implementation of the block chain at the governmental level. We are confident that our experience will inspire multiple cities and provide fascinating opportunities to integrate Blockchain into all aspects of life.

In this way, the Smart Dubai Office and its partners have once again reflected that the country is harvesting something of the most promising in the area. It should be noted that last March it was revealed that Smart Dubai would collaborate with ConSensys and IBM to achieve the objectives, a plan that is divided into three fundamental areas: effectiveness at the government level, a creation of the industry as such and international leadership. On that occasion, the CEO of Smart Dubai, Aisha Bin Bishr, explained:

Our partnership with IBM and ConSensys will definitely help propel the process, achieving the vision we so dreamed of making everyday life safer and more efficient for all residents and visitors to the city.

It is expected that new developments appear in the coming months.