Show ICO: “Proof_of_Truth”

The ninth edition of the ICO Show #Proof_of_Truth is here. It will be held on April 19 in Moscow at the Art-Center Paveletsky Space.

Currently there are about 100 ICO/TGE companies and about 100 Juries who took part in the funnel of the projects: advisers, specialists of various fields, investors/scouts, ambassadors and other interested persons.

ICO projects prove their investment attractiveness to the competent jury and investors. All projects from The PipeLine passed verbal multi-level scoring #Proof_of_Truth and the partner scoring KYC/AML. They are distributed, in accordance with their final scores of the WIIR (Weighted Index of Investment Risk). Any investor can invest in projects from the payload #Proof_of_Truth, diversifying the risks.


  • ~ 6 ICO/TGE projects;
  • ~ 20 advisers in the jury;
  • Speakers with current topics of crypto-industry;
  • Up to 300 guests;
  • Party (entrance fee).

MEET UP will be held at the Paveletsky Space Art Center! It is a cultural space of a new generation, acting outside the traditional formats. Location is in the city center, convenient access roads and no problems with parking (own parking – 100 cars, city parking – 3000 cars).

Details is via the link:

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Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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