ShareRing Partners with GTI Holdings to Revamp the Sharing Economy

In today’s digital culture, a generation has opted out of placing value on material possessions, instead choosing experiences. The “experience over stuff” movement has also spawned a multi-billion dollar economy based on sharing the unfortunate necessities of a life spent exploring the world.

These necessities include everything from housing, to vehicles, to strollers, software, office assistants, and beyond, and none of these needs are actually going away. People are simply choosing to not spend their hard-earning money on having them around full time when they are only needed sporadically.

The major challenge the sharing economy currently faces is lack of standardization. And users don’t know what they don’t know, but with 10-12 apps taking up space on their mobile device home screen to facilitate housing, transportation, beauty services, light reading, and beyond over their next 4 day weekend, all recommending unique user names, passwords, and payment methods, most would jump at the opportunity to simplify their digital vacation plans.

Enter ShareRing’s decentralized platform: centralizing the global sharing economy

With an ICO launch of May 2018, ShareRing has jumped into the ICO marketplace headfirst, showing a strong presence this month across Asia during the Asia Roadshow while simultaneously making an appearance at Consensus during Blockchain Week in New York City.

With the lofty goal of becoming the “Amazon of the sharing community,” the ShareRing vision is to bring the highly fragmented sharing community together on one platform. The relatively new sharing industry is already worth over $100 billion, but is difficult to navigate, offers little in the way of intercommunication, and struggles to standardize across platforms. This disparity in platforms and processes results in lack of trust, accountability, and integrity for users and companies alike.

One clear answer to the many issues plaguing the sharing industry is blockchain technology. Blockchain is a high fidelity solution that touches each pain point throughout the sharing community via a decentralised, proof of stake based infrastructure. This process facilitates the development of innovative and reliable communication pathways. It also allows for immutable platform standardization throughout via blockchain-based smart contracts, making selection and completion of a variety of transactions simple and error free.

This unique approach to a currently dysfunctional industry ensures that both providers and purchasers are securely listed on the ShareRing blockchain.

ShareRing Partners

While still in the middle of its ICO, with KYC whitelisting open and active, ShareRing is also working hard on the business operations side, initiating the collaboration process within the sharing community early on.

GTI Holdings Limited is an early partner in optimizing the advanced communication technology features ShareRing hopes to develop within the blockchain. Formerly Addchance Holdings Limited, GTI is Hong Kong based and publicly listed.

GTI Holdings Limited will also support the identification of potential ShareRing goods and service providers in greater China and Asia Pacific and in this way, aid in building the ShareRing brand and international asset sharing community awareness.

Likewise, ShareRing will support GTI Holdings Limited as they develop and enhance their digital technologies division through ShareRing co-founder Timothy Bos, who will serve in a formal advisory role to GTI Holdings Limited.

In their former configuration, GTI Holdings Limited was primarily a producer of knit products, including knitted cardigans and pullovers, dyed yarns, socks, and other hosiery products. As they have evolved and expanded, GTI has developed a vision to provide expertise in advanced digital technologies.

The GTI Holdings Limited company’s current Chinese name translates literally to “sharing group” in English. As they increase their presence in the sharing economy, becoming a participant and stakeholder, they will lean on the expertise and conceptualization talents of ShareRing’s Bos.

The ShareRing global community of assets is growing. GTI Holdings Limited is currently joined by several other strong influencers in this growing economy:

  • Keaz – originating with vehicle sharing services, this ShareRing partner and sharing community powerhouse now offers iOT type connections, essentially anything with the capacity to link to their network is available for sharing
  • Mobi – this Vancouver based company has joined the ranks of increasingly popular bike sharing services and now partners on the ShareRing network
  • BYD Auto – a Chinese manufacturer of electric cars, this company is operating on several planes to improve life here on earth, both environmentally and economically
  • RAMP Enterprises – with over 2 decades offering business support services, RAMP offers a depth and breadth of services offerings as they transition off their existing platform and into the blockchain space


ShareRing Future Plans

To recap, ShareRing‘s unique conceptualization of the sharing economy’s future is a fresh way to restructure a strong and necessary, but unwieldy, community. Public awareness and the desire to begin utilizing their innovative structure is also gaining ground, as evidenced by the growing body of partners ShareRing has attracted.

Led by industry thought leaders like GTI Holdings Limited, over 200 other sharing community stakeholders who believe in what ShareRing has to offer them and their industry have joined in collaboration with the ShareRing vision. As the ICO period draws to a close just over a month from now, it will be interesting to watch additional early participants in this exciting opportunity jump onboard.

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