SEX in the ICO’s

When the world of ICOs is beginning to explode and expand into all corners of daily life as if they were autumn mushrooms it is not surprising that the sectors that generate the most benefits globally do not try to join the car to tokenize a service already established and try to get their mouthful in that world through the blockchain.

Of the 240 industries that have the most money worldwide, SEX is in the TOP 20 in three of its most important facets. According to the popular American blog Business Pundit and in a list that has made with the most prolific sectors in profits worldwide Prostitution places it in the number 2 of the ranking behind the drugs and before the arms. Pornography in the 5th behind the oil and on top of the bench. The Colombian porn in the 18th and the girls webcams in the 19th.

Following that list, we will see that currently the ICOs related to sex clearly want to make a dent in the business of SEX.



This sex industry moves no less than 108 billion dollars every year in the US alone. Sexual exploitation contributes, much to that figure: globally, the amounts are stratospheric and, despite being legal in many places, white trafficking and the sexual exploitation of both men and women and the paramount importance of privacy of the Identity of the clients, make the blockchain offer a more kind and private face for that facet of the sexual economy.

An example in this sense is According to them, ¨sexService is a sexual dating service based on blocks, built for all. Insured. Anonymous. Insurance. Easy. “With $ 147,000 collected in the absence of 21 days to finalize.

This step describes in part a standard transaction in the service:

  1. There are two blockchain addresses that are the profiles of man and woman. Both have information, for woman’s age, body, height, breast size, images, etc. But more importantly, they both have a location, such as a city, and a reputation.
  2. The man is looking for women near him using a web app, or a mobile phone application. When you are interested in a woman, reserve SSIO cards in the quantity you want for some service such as erotic massage, private dance or sex. But these chips are still not in your wallet, but stored in a smart two-step contract. The man’s wallet also generates a password, which must be used when the agreement is completed.
  3. For the woman are a sign that this man is interested and solvent. They can initiate a communication using the methods they want. The man receives access to private information of the woman, like more photos, name or something that she decides, and vice versa.
  4. If they make a deal, they get together (in a public place, for example). So there can be no fraud. If you are not the profile person, you will not get the password. If she’s not the type she was expecting, she would not go on with the relationship. Both are not at risk.
  5. If they are ready to continue, she scans the access key, and the man receives the service. Another contract will automatically close in 48 hours, and the man will get his chips back and can start with another attempt. There will be the same result if she does not respond to a request, or they would not be found.
  6. After that, both have 24 hours to leave a feedback to each other and gain reputation.

The concept is good but I see gaps, I see that the SSIO are currencies of exchange for sexual services implementing the blockchain as a guarantee of anonymity, veracity in the profile and commitment of payment (apparently they charge 50% in the acceptance of the appointment and advise the girls to charge the other 50 before the service) ensure that people will know the BTC through them because while “we do not need BTC to live if we need sex” I argue this something pilgrim.
Although the idea is good and I do not see that solving anything is worse. For starters, you have to download a wallet where they change them BTC by ssio.
Second to have an app in the mobile sexual content even if wallet will not convince many to use it
Third, according to them “There are no intermediaries or pimps, you do not need them. Women receive all the money.” With this, you have just charged with a stroke 98% of the sex market that works in clubs or with pimps. Bad subject Fourth. We have to evangelize so that those few remaining people use it and that seems to be the most complicated.



Although legal, as with prostitution, it is difficult to know for certain the real size of this market. The porn industry could have moved about 197,000 billion dollars by 2016, according to some estimates. The Internet has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that this prolific sector has broken out: it is estimated that every second of the day there is an average of 28,000 users consulting online porn only in the US and about 100,000 worldwide.

Of such succulent slice, it wants to serve a little According to them “Airporn provides an anonymous way to sell and buy high-quality porn videos.” Airporn solves the most critical reason – privacy – that prevents people from sharing and buying private videos with the power of crypto coins.

For end users

Privacy: We will not ask users to register, and we will only accept XXX tokens, so you never have to worry about your personal information being leaked.

No ads: Since you’ve paid a few chips for each video you see, you do not have to see or click on any ads.

High quality and accessibility: Users can access high-quality videos at Airporn because producers are paid properly to produce one, and Airporn will, therefore, have a complete pornography collection in the world.

For content producers

Intimacy: Produces videos and receives payments without giving their true identity, payment is received with the crystallographic coins (XXX Tokens), and can be converted into fiat through the main exchanges.

Get paid faster: Video producers can earn tokens when viewers pay tokens to watch and also get paid faster since they can exchange tokens at any point in the exchanges.

Transparency: All payment and profit sharing records are recorded in the Ethereum blockchain, which is publicly visible and auditable.

Apparently it has everything to be able to succeed because anonymity and security is important in the adult film industry but it is also true that the same industry is very powerful and continue its egemony as now and for a long time. A niche that if you can attract is the amateur porn but here we also come across the education of these people in criteria and their implementation in the short term I see complicated. This ICO has been running since August 14 and only collect 16.45% with only 411 ETH collected.


Girls’ Webcams

The porn webcam industry is a big business that moves millions of dollars a year and where erotic videochat models get a lot of money. intends to open a gap in this style of contacts. According to them ¨Live Stars is a decentralized adult streaming platform that changes the industry once and for all¨.

The most powerful features of the Live Stars platform:

Total Anonymity
Encrypted messages
No information stored

Complete automation
Purchases and instant payments
No third party involved

Open Source
Absolutely transparent system
Which is completely public

The girls webcam is a sector in which the girls earn good money because the market is an increase is more flourishing because of the impersonal distance and interaction of the parties and a trick of this companies is to offer a 70 % of the billing to the workers against the scarce 40/50% of payment of some platforms with which they will surely have the option to contract to many of the current references and to be able to give battle in this world.

It started on the 21st and as of today they have collected 23% of their cap with 829 ETH

All of them have a low collection with which the public is either not prepared or not informed or is not the time for this kind of industry in this technology. Only time will tell but to be one of the biggest real-life business is, it is elusive for the investors of the ICOs raised.

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