Segwit2x could create another Bitcoin

After the rise of Bitcoin Cash we will not know where it is going to stop as it is its first major rise since its launch, many have begun to lend it importance, and the reason is that it has started to be more profitable to mine Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin Core And the reason is because the price of Bitcoin Cash has exceeded 900 dollars.

Well, among so much speculation as to whether Bitcoin Cash is better or not than Bitcoin Core, for now I will advance them in price, but Bitcoin Cash begins to show good signs of growth and is that its trend of mining power is increasing – they would say The experts – despite the fact that Bitcoin Core has brutally raised its price, but the purists of technical analysis point out another thing is that after the Hardfork from August 1 to today has increased by 47%, Bitcoin Cash has reached the 134% increase with only 5% of the mining power currently and displacing Ripple from the 3rd place in the world market capitalization.

Writing this introduction I will tell you about the plans of the community that currently supports Bitcoin Core and is that on August 20 this year will be an update to Segwit, and some miners are scheduled 90 days after this date to activate Segwit2x, However again there is division of opinions since those who support Bitcoin Core with Segwit say that Segwit2x could be very unstable and that they have not done enough tests, this opens a new debate over what will be the “Real Bitcoin” and take us another Time to a new Hardfork since the boys of Bitcoin Core clarified that they will not accept nodes of the network that support Segwit2x.

This matrix shows a 92% participation in the mining of all the blocks, against 66.2% of Bitcoin Core, Segwit2x seems an excellent option from this perspective.

This decision of Bitcoin Core to realize a Hardfork would affect them directly since Segwit2x intends to update the 90% of total mining power of the network, leaving to Bitcoin Core only with 10% and even with less since the intention to use Segwit2x has reached 92% in the last week, this could leave Bitcoin Core with a share of less than 8% of the network, with a very weak currency that could even have a smaller market than Bitcoin Cash. We must not venture to anything yet, we know that this market is very volatile and so are the decisions of those who support it, so soon this August 20 and we will be working with Segwit and see what happens in the next 90 days with The decisions of the miners and exchanges, if they all change or that Bitcoin Core no longer accept the blocks with BIP91 causing another division of the network.


Elias Carrillo

Elias Carrillo

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