Second coffee with Ramon Quesada

We continue talking with Ramón Quesada where we left, we continue to sit drinking the second coffee (after the first) Bitcoin enthusiast and a benchmark of good work, for many of us who enter this world at his hand.


“How did you get into the Bitcoin world?”

In 2013 after I was fired. I had never been unemployed and had worked in that company, a security company, for 10 years; When I was fired, even with the time I took with them, they did it in a bad way, I had to litigate to be paid the full settlement. I was emotionally affected by the fact that we were dismissed without question, we were just another number to adjust the accounts of a company! After I had left the skin and eyes for them!

Then I began to look at some form of investing, a business to set up. I looked at a lot of things, but a friend of mine computer, a friend of those who trust and a professional of the feet to the head; He spoke to me a little in whispers of Bitcoin.

I liked what I saw, besides having worked in security, the word cryptography was not unknown and on the contrary it gave me security. But I spent 8 hours a day reading so I could get an idea of everything. Besides the P2P concept, I was very attracted to it, I was an emule user and I was surprised by the amount of people that were there sharing content; He did not know how it worked, but he did it and he could not break it by being decentralized.

Some people in ten minutes say they have understood. When that happens, I laugh, the world of the criptomonedas can not be understood in ten minutes, you have to read, ask, meet people.

I always put the example of throwing you to the ground a puzzle of 15 thousand pieces. You begin little by little by a corner and you discover an airplane and you think “it will be the sky”; But you continue and a boat appears and you think “it will be a circuit by the sea”; But when you make the center you form the figure of a doctor, then already, you lose again.

This is the world of the criptomonedas, are many pieces to join and it takes time. In addition the world grows, now for example we have the “new” figure ICO that have come with force: The power of Blockchain and criptomonedas to any project without needing to speak with Banks, or City councils. You simply write what you will do, how you will do it, and with whom. That hangs on the internet indicating how much is needed and that simple gesture is already moving a lot of money


– How was formed?

Well, on discovering this technology, I would like to meet people, share knowledge and not meet who. I opened a Facebook page called Bitcoin Valencia, today it has more than 7000 members. For his part, Alfredo Blasco did the same in Google plus and called it Valencia Bitcoin. We met and at the end of 2013 began to hold meetings in a place that Alfredo had rented for other activities. Over time we wanted to make bigger and informative meetings, so the idea of an association that was consolidated and presented as such in the middle of 2015 arose. I like to emphasize that I am only a co-founder, because we were several who worked to make it happen .

Now I’m in the position of secretary, we meetup the last Friday of each month, with guests who inform us and bring us more knowledge, apart we meet informally to know each other better, look at our faces and create ties around a paella.

In the immediate future we are already arranging points so that these meetup are recorded and posted on the network so they can be viewed by all those who can not attend, as these meetings are month by month more interesting. And in addition we would like to coordinate the meetup of all Spain, so that the whole community has access to new knowledge, but the latter is in process.


But in the previous cafe, you told me you had a project, what is it?

It consists of a portal to share information, like Steemit, but improved. A decentralized form of communication or social network. After my experiences and what I have observed within the Bitcoin ecosystem, I believe that is where we have to work.

Are you going to launch an ICO?

Of course, it is necessary to raise money and the more money is raised the better professionals can be hired. In this way the project will come out faster and better, but right now I am bringing together a team that is a leader in each of its specialties. I have also seen many Icos spend and I have learned that each area is important to strengthen its development.

Will we see her soon?

When you have everything tied well.

And now to finish, Do you use Bitcoin?

Yes, I use Satoshis to observe the functionality of one or the other system. But few amounts since being a visible person within the community, I am very cautious with the security of my wallets, is the first thing I learned.

Do you pay for it with Bitcoin?

No. You asked him many times and I answered no. The one who releases BTC right now is dumb. I invite you all the coffees you want, but with fiat money.

People who come from the economy explain the difference between good money and bad money: The bad is the one that everyone wants to get rid of and loses its value, but the good is the one that keeps or enhances its value.

Today the bad money is the fiat and the good the bitcoin. If you have a piece of gold at home and you see its value goes up over time you keep it. Instead if we look at the fiat money, over time, to buy the same thing, you need more or said otherwise with the same amount of euros, you can buy fewer products.


Ramon certainly invited me to the cafés, but many more will come, since I will wait for his future project to come to light; Everyone around you hope to bring something to your idea.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.