Satoshi PIE sells its TEZOS token

Due to the fact that the Tezos Foundation is going to implement new know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) measures to which its contributors will have to adjust, Satoshi Pie announced in his cyber-blog account that it will liquidate its position of Tezos Token at the purchase price in BTC.

Tezos is a company focused on developing applications with blockchain technology and has launched an innovative protocol for Bitcoin. This company basically proposes the implementation of a blockchain where the modifications are not only “of states”, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but rather the mechanisms with which the nodes must evolve and adapt to the changes are also defined in a democratic way by the users Options that are handled through meta-consensuses.

At first it was presented as a great promise in the face of governance, so the support of the community has been broad, however, the constant news of conflicts such as the letter presented by the Breitman couple and changes of direction make it little by little lose adherents within the ecosystem, while the foundation struggles to stay current as we can see in this announcement to support these two important additional projects.

In this same announcement he calls for if any of the SPI token holders wish to participate in the announced liquidation, in proportion to their participation in the SPIES tokens. If you wish to buy Tezos Token at the purchase price in BTC, send an email to for the KYC / AML process. Applications are accepted within two weeks, but no later than the launch of Tezos Betanet. As announced his own account.

It will be necessary to see how the history of what seemed to be the ICO in favor of a promising nonprofit foundation continues, as of July 2017 it had collected 232 million dollars. However, the project and the concept of viability has been called into question by its own internal community “accusing it even of being a ponzi system”.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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