Satoshi Nakamoto is 1.x richer

As you will know, on August 1st Bitcoin’s main blockchain chain was split in two. For those who do not know yet, bitcoins “doubled” in both chains, thus having a double value, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, and can be used in both.

That means if you had 1 bitcoin before August 1, you now have 1 bitcoin in the main Bitcoin Core and 1 bitcoin in the Bitcoin Cash chain.

That also means that if you decide to change to Fiat your bitcoins today, you can change 1 bitcoin to $4000* and another Bitcoin Cash to $500*, thereby increasing its value by 1.x without doing anything or any risk. (You can see a guide on how to do it here). In summary, the current quoted value of 1 bitcoin is the sum of the quoted value of both block strings.

Although the decision to divide the blockchain into two by the decision of Hardfork was not well accepted, it seems that with this economic incentive, users have forgotten the consequences of it. Speculative consequences in any case, since the central banks have been criticized for issuing money out of nothing, with the HardFork has been practically the same speculative operation and, we have not yet finished here, as there are rumors that it is intended to continue to make Forks (in November, those who do not accept the Segwit and favorable to Segwit2x), revalorizing these new chains little, and not ending here, since with 2 current blockchains, you can make Fork in both, be deriving 4 different, and those 4 in 8, and so on until “infinity and beyond.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin and blockchain, is supposed to have mine directions between 2009 and 2010 that he has not used and with a high number of bitcoins stored as well as many Holders. Saves the bitcoins) … and now has them available also in the Bitcoin Cash chain and in any other Fork chain that is produced (x2, x4, x8…), being therefore, in the case of being able to access them, much richer than it was already … not only in 1.x, even more by the current trends of quoted value.

Maybe Satoshi did not think about this “bug” when he created the block chain, or he may have it all figured out …

With the recent announcement of the incursion of securities on futures of bitcoin in the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), we are faced with an unbridled and uncontrolled value growth, from simple copy, leaving behind the concept of secure transmission of value in a P2P network initially raised in the original Bitcoin document. Along with other cryptocurrencies, a virtual currency world equivalent to a Forex market is being developed in detail, in which one can also “leverage” the purchase/sale of assets and create value with a simple technical doubling.

We have been making HardForks for a long time, having created almost 2000 coins and applying them through the well-known “Pumps & Dumps”, not counting the history of the tokens through ICOs with collections and valuations never seen in the world of Starts-Ups, … for now a holder prior to August 1 has 2 values, we will see over time how far this road leads us,

* Value as of August 21, 2017

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