San Froilan: Festivals and Blockchain in León

San Froichain is a playful meeting of professional blockchain that is celebrated in Leon this weekend (7-8 October) in Leon (Spain), On the occasion of the local festivals San Froilán.

The event arises when Gabriel Kurman, with the founder of RSK Labs, one of the most important and promising blockchain projects worldwide, accepts the invitation to visit León on October 7 and meet with the community of León Blockchain HUB, which already has more than 335 people. And already, having in Leon a personality of the global blockchain ecosystem like Gabriel, and having the opportunity to learn about the Rsk project from one of its founders, since Leon Blockchain HUB has been invited to attend all meetup communities blockchain nearby.

León Blockchain HUB continues to work to create an ecosystem in León that will allow not only Shelpin, a social startup that gives rise to this initiative, but other projects of other entrepreneurs and companies in Leon, or with investment in León, to materialize an opportunity for growth economic for the province.

We want to bring together all those people of our province who already have knowledge about Blockchain both developmentally and functionally, and those who want to get acquainted with it.

The format of the event is fundamentally aimed at strengthening ties and fraternizing, what they now call networking, with speakers of international prestige and the incentive of visiting León in the fiestas of San Froilán, so around the planned talks, in which there will be a part of the program reserved for attendees to take the floor and explain their projects, opinions, generate debate and ultimately participation in the group, the organization has programmed various activities that balance the professional and playful aspect of the event.

From León Blockchain HUB, we are trying to invite some of the speakers and projects presented at the blockchain world forum in Barcelona this week, to visit Leon before his departure to their countries of origin. The organization does not rule out any possible surprises.

The talks will be held in the Auditorium of the University Business Foundation (FGULEM) starting at 12 and in the Restaurant Mercado de Varillas in the afternoon, due to the “improvisation of the event” organized in barely a week, there may be additions or surprises to the program as the participation of some people who have been invited becomes concrete.

The event is completely free and registrations can be made through the meetup León Blockchain HUB.

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