Road to a congress in Andorra: 2nd edition of the Blockchain CIBTC International Congress

There are many Blockchain encounters and it is difficult to say in which to participate; not because I’m not interested or do not want to go, but because of lack of time (so far it’s physically impossible to be in 2 places at the same time). So when I receive a call the first thing I see is who is behind Who is inviting me?

In the case of this congress, we find people like Fernando Molina and in general the Territorio Bitcoin team that after the success of the first International Blockchain Tropical Coast Congress, a multitudinous meeting where more than 20 experts from around the world debated for two days On the current panorama of this technology and its most important innovations in different sectors, Bitcoin Territory is preparing for the second edition of this event, which, on this occasion, will be divided into two parts: in Andorra, on October 5 and 6, and in Motril, on March 8 and 9 of next year.

Prior to this second Congress, Bitcoin Territory has organized a roadshow on the most outstanding aspects of this technology. Granada, Almería, Málaga and Valencia are the main cities of this route where cases and projects based on Blockchain technology will be presented.

On the other hand, the CTO of Bitcoin Territory and co-organizer of the Blockchain Tropical Coast International Congress, Fernando Molina, explained that this second edition of the Congress.

“It will surpass the first in all aspects” thanks not only to the talks “of the highest level” and to the innovations presented but also to the workshops carried out by experts “and that will be aimed at both new users and already knowledgeable about The matter”.

“For this occasion we wanted to limit the seats to 450 people although we know that this figure will increase considerably among visitors and curious”

I contacted Oscar Dominguez, also from Bitcoin Territory, who treated me as friendly and cordial as always explaining important details of my second question when a meetup is presented “How to get there?” Oscar confirmed that you can take the train to Lleida and then bus and in the case of choosing this option “Renfe” offers a 30% discount to the attendees of the congress.

And to the third question, who will go? He explains that there will be conferences, among which is already confirmed Offer Kohen (Founder of BuzzShow and serial entrepreneur), José Alejandro Regojo (Project Manager and Founder of Bitcoin Gold) and Raúl Jaime Mestre (Strategic consultant and financial editor), among other surprises ; but there will also be an area of ​​Networking where we will find exhibitions of different companies in the field of Blockchain. All in one place, hotel Roc Blanc.

The final agenda will not be closed for a few days, since the request for papers and participation in the professional tables does not stop arriving, and attempts are made to match the requests according to the order and the general interest for the congressmen.

For more information you can enter your web page, a page that when you open it makes us see all the work and dedication that the team is putting in this meeting.

And with all my questions answered, I can only ask: Does someone accompany me?

Enric Martí

Enric Martí

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