Pylon Network: ON early to ICO

PYLON NETWORK and Goiener S.Coop collaborate on a new European proposal for energy decentralization and cooperative governance. Following its recent announcement of the launch of its ICO, Pylon Network has already signed a collaborative agreement with the Goiener S.Coop cooperative in Spain.

Goiener S.Coop, with more than 7000 partners and almost 8400 contracts, is a cooperative of generation and consumption of renewable energy located in the Basque Country of Spain, a nonprofit cooperative. All the benefits that are obtained by the commercialization of electricity (green) among its members revert back to the cooperative, and the members themselves decide in assembly to allocate those benefits.

A perfect setting and opportunity

Pylon Network is already running simulations and a portion of GoiEner customers will participate in the pilot demonstration that is planned to begin next October 2017 and will be funded by a funding campaign starting on September 4 (ICO) and will be led by Klenergy. During this campaign, project shares will be publicly sold in the form of “Tokens”. The goal is to get the amount of 3.8 M € to develop the project that includes a series of hardware installations (solar panels, energy storage units, and smart meters) within the Spanish grid (GoiEner customers).

The coordinating team behind Pylon Network is Klenergy: a team of European engineers who for the last three years have been developing technologies aimed at enhancing sustainable technologies and the generation of renewable energy such as the star hydrogen battery, Klenergy HELIOS, And the first intelligent meter available based on Blockchain – Klenergy METRON technology.

GoiEner has always been concentrating its efforts on disseminating the adoption of Renewable Energy Sources, educating consumers about the impact of sustainable development and enhancing local production (and consumption) of resources and, therefore, creating value locally.

With this collaboration agreement, we will try to give more confidence and seriousness to our future investors and collaborators, in the management and distribution of decentralized green energy on September 4.


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