Profitability in today’s cryptos mining

Faced with the growing difficulty in the ethash algorithm, the performance of GPUs is increasingly affected by reducing the hashes that used to be for a rx 480 of 24.8 hash and dropping to 23.9 or 24 hash. This means that the profits for a conventional homemade miner are no longer as profitable to mine and of course today to buy more graphics cards at a price 30% more expensive. One of the hopes for miners on foot is the new, more efficient, lower-power GPU models, such as the 1080i Nvidia that result in higher hash power and lower power consumption, although the price is significantly more expensive than the model Of AMD rx580, the rehash of 480, being little accessible to most.

One of the expected ones that have not yet arrived or are late to arrive are the GPUs specialized in mining, without HDMI ports or parts that bother for good ventilation, they are only to perform the difficult tasks of mining 24 hours a day without interruption and designed Just for these kinds of hard work. The problem remains the same, the greater consumption of electricity and not being updated make the return is seen in the very long term.

Another proposal and no less hopeful is the new model of AMD VEGA, which promises to make you compete and overcome the new Nvidia 1080ti, although the latest analysis indicates that this GPU model still reheats a lot and leaves much to be desired in performance since The drivers are still being updated for that card. That is, we have it difficult enough if we want to undermine today and make a good profit from all our effort outlay, waiting for new models to be more efficient and give us those gains that at least cover the costs of electricity and Leave us some capital to reinvest or leave it there and wait for our favorite currency to rise.

With this near panorama, the only thing that a miner is waiting for is to be able to find an efficient hardware and that being able to mount it at home gives him something of life and besides being used to reinforce the network can grow and mount something serious as is to be expected. The “digital miner or crypto Miner” is a person quite demanding with the pieces that he goes on and apart from being his motivation the extraction of coins and being able to live more or less in it or in a small part, he wants to find the perfect balance between consumption And yield, which these days have been affected by the generalized fall of almost 40% of the price of many of the important currencies like Ether, Zcash, Monero, Dash, etc.

A fairly feasible solution would be to undermine other more efficient algorithms and to “recycle” old GPUs such as the r9 280x or similar, in algorithm eg equiHash, thus extending the life of these cards that we possibly did not use but which are already quite amortized. Some r9 give about 290 soles and the new rx580 311 soles, Nvidia 1070 440 soles and the best of all 1080ti about 700 soles with a consumption of the only 260w.
Lately due to the widespread fall in prices of crypto mine already there are many who are selling second-hand graphics cards, not for good price but abandoning small-scale mining.

Those who believe in the future of the crypto coin will continue to undermine, believing that even if they are not making so much money now, the value of the crypts will increase and everything will be worth it. Others, however, do not want to wait and see what happens and, as such, decide to sell.

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