Prime Minister of Slovenia wants a nation friendly to Blockchain technology

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar has issued statements in which he clarifies the creation of a new research center based on Blockchain technology, which has already received the approval of the government in the country. The statement was made at the event Digital Slovenia 2020, where he also said that those in charge of Slovenia want to position the nation as the most recognized Blockchain center in the European Union … according to Cerar, the government is evaluating numerous administrative applications which revolve around the chain of blocks.

The concrete words of the Prime Minister:

“Legislators are already studying Blockchain and the state is actively participating in introductory and regulatory events on this technology … We are building the platform for an initial trial in the State General Administration.”

In this way, the new exploration center will serve as a bridge between Blockchain application developers, renowned industry personalities, and the Slovenian government, all while coordinating with multiple companies to launch educational material on this technology; the country’s Minister of Public Administration, Borut Koprivnikar, has also given a thumbs up.

But returning to the Prime Minister, he affirms that the desire of the government is to support, in a broad way, the development of the chain of blocks … among the last comments of Cerar stand out the following words:

“There is a desire for Slovenia to become a friendly destination for the Blockchain sector. That is why we are working on the bases of a national ecosystem based on this technology, focusing on the transfer and dissemination of information, the deployment of relevant regulations and the propagation of an ideal environment for the growth of companies working in the area”.

It should be emphasized that Cerar’s statements are in line with the ruling issued by the Financial Stability Board of Slovenia, which affirms that Blockchain innovations are welcome in the country.