Preventing exchanges: signs of change

The community had divided on how best to make the cryptonnet more manageable, joined in its support for a code improvement known as SegWit2x, which aims to increase the network’s transactional capacity. The activation of SegWit in the chain is widely accepted, 97% according to Then, why the alarm between users. The possibility of a Hard Fork in the Bitcoin chain has triggered the alarms in different portals of exchange of criptomonedas or wallet, announcing these the possibility or not of having the so-called Bitcoin Cash or BCC.
The exchange house and mining group ViaBTC will produce Hard Fork Bitcoin, to create a new criptomoneda called Bitcoin Cash (BCC). All this in the middle of the discussion about Bitcoin, its Blockchain and its new way.

Before this the exchanges and the wallet take measures:

ViaBTC already enabled the exchange between BCC and CNY (Chinese Yuan) at its exchange house, a mining group for this new cryptoactive, and contracts for mining in the cloud; Which have been operating since last Saturday, July 22.

However, reactions around the world are not all very open to this alternative. For example: Chandler Guo (a big bitcoin investor) expressed his Twitter opinion about Bitcoin Cash, defining it as a trash altcoin, or shitcoin, and encouraging the miners to remain united with the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91).

And so begins a parade of reactions at Poloniex, OKEx reported that it will suspend deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin balances between June 31 and August 2 as a precaution to avoid certain technical risks, such as possible attacks and other problems that may generate Instability in the digital currency network. Also Octopocket has made public knowledge that it will not accept the new currency and so it follows the list.

So I have approached an entrepreneur dedicated to Bitcoin, specifically Bitnovo, which also has announced to suspend its services from July 31 until everything is clearer. Which leaves in vilo to those customers who use this means to get from bitcoin to fiat currency for everyday use.

And so Luis Vaello shares my first coffee at

“Explain to me that these measures are due.”

It’s because they do send me from a wallet other than Bitcoin or send us many refills with low fees; They take time to confirm.
And in case of fork, they can be lost. And I think customers do not want to lose the funds.

-I do not understand well, how can be lost in the process or is that companies like Bitnovo and the others, are protected.

Bitnovo really is the biggest loser and we tried to do it alone at the end, removing iron and you know that the exchanges have been sending a month to all users.
If the time comes, you reload your card and there is fork and your Exchange that you take out does not take action; You can lose your funds, or if we send someone who places an address and then you do not have the keys because your wallet is Bcc. You would lose your money.

-It’s the first time I see platforms taking measures, why.

Because it is the first time they are taken, because this is no longer “Comanche territory”
At another time the exchanges would have inflated to collect funds from lost customers without problems.
But today you look much more, the ecosystem has grown, has grown the volume of business and that volume is not want to lose.

“But what’s going to happen?”

Nothing, everything is still the same “Bitcoin to the moon” and BCC dump to ethereum and ETH by the clouds
And the volume of business in the cryptonones growing.
You’ll see if I’m wrong!

97% of Bit91 activated, SegWit keeps walking and in the end, apparently the BCC will be one more currency. And for what if it has served this, it is to verify that the exchanges, wallets, etc. Now, if you care about the users and your own image.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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