Pre-ICOs: eHarvestHub, Blockchain of the global food chain

The eHarvestHub (eHH) Token is a cryptocurrency that will form the transactional basis for eHarvestHub, the leading decentralized platform marketplace for mid-to-small growers, retailers and independent transportation carriers. Aiming to disrupt the global food chain, eHH has launched its’ Pre-ICO on ending November 28, 11:59PM UTC 2017

Backed by Tim Draper, the billionaire famous in the crypto scene for buying Silk Road’s sized bitcoins from the US Government, and graduate of both Harvard and Stanford is their main investor.  He’s been called “the creator of viral marketing” and credited with helping in both Skype and Hotmail’s success.

After receiving $1,000,000 in 2016, the team of engineers from Silicon Valley and Nicaragua completed the development of the software, and it is currently undergoing a pilot of independent truckers and small farms using the transformative platform and associated mobile applications.



With that momentum, Blockchain expert and renown Chief Technology Officer, Stephen McNamara – current head of Blockchain R&D Strategy at Huawei (not a Huawei endorsement) and former CTO at Rakuten Blockchain Lab join the company’s Advisory Board to provide guidance as the eHarvestHub entered its ICO and Blockhain buildout and implementation. Known from his work at CyberSource and Visa, Mr. McNamara later co-founded Bitnet Technologies, a bitcoin payments and e-commerce platform.  Bitnet was soon acquired by Rakuten, where Stephen is the CTO.

eHH tokens will be used on the eHarvestHub marketplace to buy, sell and promote fresh produce opportunities from small farmers across the world. Adding cryptocurrency helps to establish a new Social Impact Economy, while leveling the playing field for farmers, grocers and independent truckers. Most farmers and truckers wait up to 30 days to obtain payment for their produce and services. With eHarvestHub cryptocurrency, funds can exchange hands as quickly as fresh produce arrives at our door.


The eHH token is their first step to engage the global community, and create a new economy through crowdfunding. The best result of their Pre-ICO and ICO would not just be to sell the total number of tokens for fundraising, but also allow participants to be advocates and invest in small farmers around the world. eHarvestHub will not be holding any tokens, providing full transparency and ensuring that the majority of the tokens will produce a respected capital foundation.

Sixty-percent of their token offering will be allocated for the Pre-ICO and ICO, with nearly a quarter of them being sold during the Pre-ICO event. To entice early adopters and contributors, eHarvestHub will offer generous bonuses and distribution will be provided through Smart Contracts.


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