POSSIBLE $ 30 million theft to Tether

The already controversial Tether published on Monday that its systems had been hacked, reportedly, Tether claimed that $ 30.95 million had been stolen in tokens. According to a publication now deleted on its website, Tether said it was “malicious action by an external attacker.” Tether says he will not exchange any of the stolen tokens and is in the process of trying to recover the tokens to prevent them from entering the market. The company also announced some steps to try to correct the situation, including a hard fork that will freeze the USDT / EURT impeding their exchange.

According to Tether:

Yesterday we discovered that the funds were incorrectly removed from the Tether Treasure wallet through malicious actions by an external attacker. $ 30,950,010 USDT was removed from the Tether Treasure Wallet on November 19, 2017 and sent to an unauthorized Bitcoin address.

In addition, the Tether team explains that they will update the Omni Core software, the software used by the developers of Tether to support the transactions, software which should avoid any movement of the stolen cryptocurrencies from the attacker’s address. It is therefore recommended to all users of this cryptocurrency to update their Omni Core almost compulsorily to avoid losing their tokens in Tether and contribute to the event so that everything returns to normal as soon as possible.

The company still calls for calm:

Tether’s emissions have not been affected by this attack, and all Tether tokens are still backed by assets in the Tether reservation.

Remember that Tether tokens are backed by 1/1 for US dollars, the theft of those tokens should not, in principle, affect Tether, since the USD support should remain intact. Even so this will not generate more than pure controversy, in case there was already little, starting days after what happened with Bitfinex and the strange peaks in prices accompanied by rather opaque accounts. It seems that, unfortunately, this starts to take a tinge of what happened with MTGox. The facts are “being investigated exhaustively” and we will have to wait for new news and follow with a thousand eyes on the little updated social networks of Tether.

The exchangers begin to freeze withdrawals and deposits, and are beginning to freeze the exchanges for cryptocurrencies waiting for new news and for security.