Overwolf’s Gaming Appstore to Embrace Crypto with BUFF Partnership

What do you get when a bunch of developers who also love gaming get together to build something awesome? You probably already know that the answer is Overwolf.

Overwolf’s free app store brings hundreds of popular overlay apps to PC games, including Replay HUD, LoLWiz, HearthArena, CS:GO Stats, the official TeamSpeak overlay solution, and many more.

Designed by gamers for gamers, Overwolf is built specifically to allow uninterrupted gameplay, integrating seamlessly into your gaming experience with a simple, lightweight user interface. Of course, different skins are available to customize the Overwolf layer to match your personal style.

Overwolf supports apps for popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:Go, Hearthstone, and Minecraft, as well as a sizable selection of free games. As a software layer, Overwolf lets you access a rich set of features, such as live-streaming, chat, and tutorials without the layer actually interacting with in-game engines or interfering with the gaming experience.

Overwolf’s partnerships with several major companies and service providers in the gaming industry, including Twitch, Nvidia, TeamLiquid, Cloud9, Asus, and others allow it to offer apps across many different platforms and games.

Exploring CryptoCurrencies

Overwolf has announced a partnership with BUFF, a blockchain-based loyalty rewards platform for gamers. BUFF rewards gamers with tokens for playing their favorite games, much like a frequent-flyer program.

With BUFF, you can earn cryptocurrency tokens while gaming, which can then be applied to in-game purchases, traded with other gamers, or used throughout the gaming economy to purchase virtual goods. BUFF is a simple, lightweight add-on that runs seamlessly in the background, mining cryptocurrency while you continue with uninterrupted gameplay.

With Overwolf’s existing network of partnerships, BUFF tokens can be easily swapped for Wolfcoins and applied to a huge variety of games and platforms, making them a highly flexible means for gamers to earn money while playing. A radical shift from the pay-to-play structure of many contemporary gaming platforms, BUFF actually lets you earn money by playing your favorite games.

Taking in-game rewards to the next level with blockchain

Because BUFF operates using a blockchain protocol, it offers a completely secure and transparent way to earn rewards throughout the huge range of games available through Overwolf. BUFF offers players the opportunity to earn tokens for in-game achievements, wins, or even for playing over extended periods of time. The blockchain ensures that all players are duly compensated and ensures that transactions are secure and auditable.

Adding incentives and offering rewards to gamers isn’t new to Overwolf—which regularly extends attractive bonuses to users through its partners. For example, in April 2018 Overwolf partner Alienware gave away 650 Riot Points to anyone who scored a Triple Kill in League of Legends, won the game, and shared their highlight video. Opportunities to win gaming hardware, skins, and other goodies are also plentiful through Overwolf’s Achievement Rewards program, making integration with BUFF even more exciting.


Bringing BUFF on board is further proof of Overwolf’s commitment to fostering community and encouraging peer-to-peer interaction in the gaming space, as well as embracing new technologies like blockchain tech.

Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand said, “Overwolf are very pleased to be partnering with BUFF. The emergence of token economies and blockchain technology will have a great impact on gaming. By joining with BUFF’s project, we are taking a step towards incorporating these new technologies into our own service and ensuring that our fans are able to enjoy cutting-edge developments in the gaming sphere.”

A path of ongoing innovation

With over 300 apps and millions of users worldwide, Overwolf shows no signs of slowing down as an innovator in the gaming space. Founded with a people-first ethos of providing services for the gaming community, the platform continues to add new services into the Overwolf layer—like including mods and integrating with BUFF—while opening up new ways of interacting with some of the biggest games in the world.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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