On his birthday Google lifted ban on cryptocurrency ads

The day the multinational turns 20 years old, sends good news to the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. In its update of the financial products and services policy to be carried out in October 2018, the veto will be lifted for cryptocurrency announcements in both the United States and Japan.

Advertisers must obtain a Google certification in the specific country in which they want to publish their ads. They may request it when the policy comes into effect in October. Report on your page.

About the certification of restricted financial products.

Advertisers that promote restricted financial products (contracts for difference, spot currency transactions, financial bets for difference and similar products) can use Google Ads, but must have a Google certification. In addition, your products, landing pages and advertisements must meet all the legal requirements of the countries in which your ads will be published if they obtain the certification they request.

This certification is necessary to publish ads in any format or extension. It may be requested as of April 2018.

Although this measure is partial, it is a step forward for the crypto world, since when the advertising ban was announced in June, the Bitcoin value dropped by 10%.

According to Boomer, the reason for this update is that apparently the United States and Japan have managed to regulate the sale of “these products”.

We are looking forward to this extension of the Prohibition being extended to the rest of the world, since these ads not only serve as advertising for each project or currency, it also normalizes its existence for internet users who hesitate to know the cosmos of cryptocurrencies.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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