NiceHash down, hacked?

The famous American mining group Nicehash has the web and its services have fallen from the early hours of December 6, which according to some sources, probably ended under one of the worst attacks by hackers and apparently have stolen about $ 59 million your cryptocurrency accounts.

At the moment the service is under a mysterious “maintenance”, but according to the rumors of expert pool users and some bloggers, it seems that NiceHash has been the victim of a major hacker attack.


In the following link, there is the “main” address of NiceHash, which shows the last movement of the bitcoins to another account (387.3046 BTC), which for now is unknown who owns it. From that moment, 2017-12-06 04:24:33, in block 497831, the NiceHash services stopped working.

In this other link, you can see how all of the content Bitcoins have moved to another wallet (4,736 BTC)

“We are evaluating the situation and working with the authorities.” We will issue a public statement soon. “, NiceHash reported, so the Hack is not ruled out.

You can follow the facts and the comments of the users in:




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