NavPay: the NavCoin mobile wallet

NavPay is an easy-to-use wallet that allows you to safely store your NAVs. It’s the fastest way to store your coins safely, make payments online and make sure you have control of your private keys.

NavPay is available to download on Android, in your browser and soon on iOS devices. All your private keys are stored locally, with nothing stored on the website/server to ensure that your NAVs remain secure.

NavPay features

NavPay creates hierarchical deterministic (HD) portfolios, which provide them with a 12-word master password and allow a generation of secure wallets in the application and a simple backup.
It is the first mobile wallet that can send private payments using NavTech, so there is no connection between the sender and receiver.
Multi-signature portfolios, which allows you to add additional layers of security or create shared portfolios with friends or family.
Integrated with Changelly, it allows you to switch between different currencies within the application.

Device-based security: all your private keys are stored locally and are not sent over the Internet.
Support multi-languages.
An address book feature, which allows you to save the details of your friends in your wallet and facilitate payment.
Control multiple purses in an application, such as one for your personal funds, and one combined with your partner, so you get maximum freedom over your finances.

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