Navcoin launches NavPay beta, the first wallet that can manage anonymous payments under Android

As Alex V. announced a few days ago in an interview for this medium, NavCoin launches NavPay in its beta version.

NavPay is a fork of the CoPay Bitcoin wallet launched by BitPay. NavPay is a fully functional HD wallet that runs on a lightweight blockchain that will allow it to operate instantaneously with minimal storage requirements and at the same time retain all the security of a complete Nav node. NavPay uses full-node servers to confirm transactions, but it generates and stores its private keys on its device, never transmitting any sensitive data to the Nav servers. In this way, Navpay is able to generate and receive anonymous transactions.

images of the beta version of NavPay for SmartPhones

NavPay is an executable wallet under Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and even online, based on the Copay code. It offers all the latest NavCoin features, including private shipping via NavTech, making it the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet in the world capable of sending anonymous transactions.

With this new wallet, Navcoin puts itself on the front line, in terms of functionality, of the so-called anon cryptos, such as Monero, Dash or Zcash, since these currencies do not have an anonymous delivery service in their wallets available for Android. With this good functionality, which is added to the general philosophy of Nav to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies, it is presumable that the popularity of Navcoin will increase among the supporters of absolute anonymity in the use of cryptocurrencies and the average user seeking functionality. in your transactions.

After having passed the initial alpha test, in a small group of 20 people, the NavCoin team has decided to make the versions of the different operating systems available to its users on its website.

To obtain a copy of the NavPay wallet and participate in the public beta test, visit the Navcoin page on GitHub and read the version documentation.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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