NAV Coin: Simplifying crypto coins

(Accounts of a professional investor or “shiller”)

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or abusive interference with his private life, that of his family, his home or correspondence, or any unlawful attacks on his honor or reputation. 3. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. ” Declaration of human rights art. 12

The world of the crypto coins is changing, fascinating, entertaining, but there is something that we should always remember:

Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision regarding breaking with financial/monetary centralization. And privacy as a way of life to respect our most basic human rights.

” The possibility of being anonymous or pseudonymous depends on not revealing any identifying information about you in relation to the bitcoin addresses you use. If you post your bitcoin address on the web, you are associating that address and any transaction with the name you posted. If you published under an identifier that you have not associated with your real identity, you remain a pseudonym. For more privacy, it is best to use bitcoin addresses only once. ”

The advance of the  crypto coins with private transactions is becoming more and more notorious and seeing the reach of the Bitcoin is more and more necessary.

Many falsely associate privacy with illegal activities.

Let me remind you that HSBC has been the largest currency waster in its Mexican branch. Washing more than 100,000 million dollars to the Sinaloa cartel, handled by Joaquin ”Chapo” Guzmán. Currency laundering, exists, existed and will continue to exist beyond any payment platform.

Then we go to the typical refutation of repetitive people of concepts who do not want to think a little: ” I have nothing to hide ”

For us Spanish-speakers, the answer to this dilemma is very simple.

Just remember the recent history of the last century and have your answer: The state can be a murderer. Imagine a regime like that of Pinochet in Chile or Videla in Argentina with access to all citizens’ data? Today, the state spies on us and accomplices companies make a database with everything we do and sell it to the highest bidder.

Going back to the Crypto Coins, I’m going to focus on NAV Coin and I did everything they say ” those who know ” should not do!

I discovered NAV in 2014 while playing to mining with GPU’s. The meeting was highly casual. It was the time of the so-called “Pump and Dumps” boom where the developers abandoned projects for a fast economic rate.

That was when I came across the abandoned project of ” Summercoin ”. I accidentally knocked at my door since my route partner’s last name is ‘Summers’


1st error: Following the instincts

Summercoin was rescued by a group of investors. New developer and algorithm change. It went from the so-called PoW (work test) to the so-called PoS (participation test)


The PoS system (hated by miners as it makes them obsolete) is based on the fact that the blocks within a consensus system are generated by the same currencies that the user owns. Information about the NAV PoS:

2nd error: Try something new!

I really was fascinated by the concept. Being an ecologist, on the left but liking the capitalization (collision of planets) I found it very interesting the decentralization of the generation of blocks and the annual reward offered on the balance of my wallet. He would then discover that the transaction commission is also offered to the one who generates the blocks.

All this without having to run expensive equipment. My computer, the complete node purse and now. Almost zero electricity use if a NavPi is used.


The approach to NAV private transfers has been inspired by the members of the NAVAJO tribe. They used an undecipherable message encryption code in World War II. In his honor, the name of the coin was changed and it happened to be Navajo Coin. At the time, to not have any type of association decided to cut it to NAV.

NAV has a particular way of generating private transfers since it is based on a sub-string and double data encryption. This allows you to have normal transactions super fast up to 30 seconds and private up to 2 by using a click on the wallet.


There were difficult times, especially 2015 when MtGox (the largest coin changer at the time) was hacked. At that point, I continued to buy NAV as if nothing.

3rd error: Do not diversify my capital

The project continued, the original developers went their ways and a new team took the post.

Meanwhile, continue to increase my positions and I started to activate the Spanish-speaking forums. I began with the translations of the news in Bitcointalk, creating the channel in Castilian:

In that expansion, I started to get more involved in Bitcoin’s Facebook forums. (A privacy advocate promoting a private currency on Facebook, contradiction!)

Anyway, I was fortunate to meet Daniela Caro and read her articles in the old CoinTelegraph in Spanish. That portal that used to have original content.

Daniela was just entering the world of the crypto coins. He became interested in the PoS concept of NAV. There we organized a Skype with the NAV developer and with Enric we made interpreters. From this stew came a very interesting note.

At that moment I realized the need to take reins in the promotion of NAV in Castilian.

4th mistake: use own money to promote a project.

NAV is a little-known currency since it has not received any help from anyone. We are supported by developers and investors. It has not been an ICO or anything like that.

The way I deal with the promotion of NAV was through gifts of my rewards. Build a Telegram group dedicated to NAV (

From that platform, I started to generate noise. The last few weeks have been exciting since I have decided to expand the promotions to groups in Mexico, Argentina, Peru. The users have responded in an impressive way and to celebrate I decided to raffle a unit of Raspberry Pi with the image of NAV Coin pre installed. The reception was spectacular. The number of users increased by more than 70%.


In recent days has seen an exponential growth in NAV value from a market capitalization of 15 million dollars to about 40 million and that bringing a considerable amount of new investors and enthusiasts.


Source: coinmarketcap

NAV is a currency born in 2014 with a participatory development, improving the shortcomings of other currencies.

With a POS (proof of stake) mine system, which means that mining depends on the number of NAVs deposited in a wallet. The possibility of creating a sub-string to validate private transactions. Decentralization, since the users can operate their own servers, which guarantees the anonymity and speed in the transactions; NAV has demonstrated originality, versatility, and strength.

But we expect more of this currency since NAV is in full swing: a moment of transition from being a crypto coin with private characteristics to being an infrastructure.

These days will be the beta version of the fork of Copay called NavPay. Such a wallet will have the main feature the possibility of making private shipments from an Android device.


In the coming months will be completed ”Polymorph”. Joint project with exchange Changelly where thanks to the double chain of NavTech, users can transfer any coin accepted privately.

The next plan is the implementation of Anon Dapps. Where through the double chain developers will be able to create applications of a private way.

For next year we expect to run the sub-chain (NavTech 2.0) from the wallet, allowing users to validate private transactions and earn their reward while generating blocks by participating test, without any knowledge of Linux or having to create the Servers.

Bases for understanding NAV:

-Fork of Bitcoin: Easy to climb.

– PoS system of block generation: Easy to mine (need to have NAVs in the wallet) little electricity expense

– Nearly instantaneous transitions: 30 seconds for normal tx and 2 for private tx

-Controlled inflation: Less than 5% per year (if all wallets are connected generating Stakes)

– Private shipments: NavTech where receiver sender is actually separated.

-Easy to use: Purse with excellent graphic interface, mobile purses, image for Raspberry Pi

– SegWit enabled by voting PoS: Nav is the first currency to activate it by a democratic vote from the wallet.

-Communication: The development team every Wednesday makes an update on how the project progresses. Concise road map without false promises.

-Community: more than 1100 pages on the Bitcointalk forum, more than 1000 people in the Telegram channels, more than 1000 users in Slack. 900 users on Reddit. 11k followers on Twitter.


To be able to share this experience you can enter in its website, group Telegram, Reddit and Twitter:







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