More than US $ 50,000 in donations of crypto coins for those affected by the hurricane in Houston, TX

Over the past weekend, we learned of the unfortunate event in the city of Houston, Texas in the United States devastating the region with severe flooding and forcing more than 30,000 residents to evacuate the area and seek a shelter and another 300,000 ran out of electricity And minor affectations. The impact of the storm was huge and swept away much of Texas’ infrastructure leaving a footprint of 40 billion dollars in total damages.

The host of “The Crypto Show” a radio station of songs of crypto coins not only operates a public radio station but also it helps to the organization to take food to the most needed by means of donations of Bitcoin and Dash. Last weekend the host of the radio program decided this time to help people who were affected by the hurricane that ravaged the region, Dany Seesoms is the name of the person who took their vehicle towing and headed to Port Aransas, Texas to lend as much assistance as possible and has so far received much support from the crypto coin community.

So I knew the hurricane effort was big, so I contacted a group of people from the crypto coins industry and announced our intentions to help hurricane victims in last night’s broadcast. – Daniel Sessoms

A donation of 10BTC + 10BTC

During the broadcast of The Crypto Show on Sunday, August 27, the hosts announced the plan to help the victims of the hurricane this week and began receiving a lot of crypto donations for their efforts. In addition, one of the listeners named Bill Kline has launched an offer to match any donation of up to 10BTC and the hosts say that all the money raised will be put to good use.

While settling in Port Aransas, Sessoms tells us that his trailer is very well prepared and has a fully operational kitchen inside and out to help serve food to hurricane victims. In addition, Sessoms has stopped at several Wal Mart in the region buying all the travel kits and toiletries you can find. Sessoms says he has been able to use Bitcoin donations using his Shift card to make purchases at Wal-Mart. He and his friend say that they have filled many shopping carts with useful items for residents’ needs.

The true power of this technology and what the crypto coins hold for the future

Sessoms says he is delighted that crypto-coins can be used to help people in a crisis, as many residents in the area are without basic living necessities. Over the next 48 hours, Sessoms plans to deliver supplies to residents located in the city of Port Aransas and the storm is forecast to return to the Gulf of Mexico. Sessoms says he is extremely grateful for the crypto coins community, and with Bill Kline for sharing so much with the people who need it.


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