Monacoin, the crypto coin to mine with Lyra2Rev2 algorithm

Lately, it is fashionable Monacoin, a currency crypto that can be mined with Lyra2Rev2. Especially it suits all Nvidia graphics cards very well.

What is MonaCoin?

(MONA) is a decentralized and open source currency crypto that offers both private and transparent transaction types.
Payments are posted in a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

Monacoin was created at the end of 2013, being a bifurcation of Litecoin, squeezing and perfecting the mining with a new algorithm: Lyra2Rev2.

It has a great trajectory in the country of the Rising Sun, and that demands to be recognized as the first cryptocurrency developed in Japan. They are, it seems, the first blockchain to add the SegWit protocol, rather than the popularly known Litecoin currency.

Mining is based on its consensus protocol and employs Test-of-Work (POW), being able to mine with GPU. With the rise so strong, for now, it is in the first position of the most profitable currencies.


– Lyra2REv2

-Time to generate a block is 1.5 minutes. The reward 25 MONA per block

-Maximum of coins issued 105,120,000 units. Block reduction every 3 years approx.

“Not pre-mined.”

The Japanese behind fashion

The Lyra2REv2 algorithm is working very well on Nvidia-based mining equipment. So the current profitability of equipment increases substantially. The work in crypto mining with MONA, is still high compared to other currencies and algorithms at this time. Also, if we have many Nvidia cards, it is also a good alternative.

The Japanese have always been very united in everything, such as the video game market. They continue to make video games for old consoles, although the demand is within the country itself.

Now MONA is using it within the territory and is being a success. We can already see online stores: Some may not be available.

This coin is widely known in Japan, and there are many web markets that exchange products and services with MONA.

In addition, we find similar virtual stores like Amazon or Neweggs, that accept it as form of payment. Many of the social networks that we can discover can give MONA tips. Different developers are creating many tools to facilitate the use to anyone. In the country Nippon, there is much fashion with this graceful coin and its use will skyrocket in the next few years. No doubt as a community and support we have decades ahead.


Its official website is


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https: // kazuki

We have a clear example of a united community with the same purpose. Give strength to this nice crypto Monacoin coin.