Millions of dollars scam with Bitcoin Gold wallets

More than 3,200 Bitcoin Gold wallets have been totally destroyed by supposed “hackers” due to the vulnerability of the “BTG MyBTGWallet” wallet. According to initial calculations, the losses are well over $ 2.5 million. A group of affected users is convinced that the Bitcoin Gold team is behind this, even if it is not directly because the rumor that they have provided hackers to steal cryptocurrencies begins to make sense little by little. On November 21, the wallet site disappeared and was considered unsafe. The new wallets are adding Bitcoin Gold without problems every day, but this wallet came to light very early for all those impatient who wanted to have their Bitcoin Gold as soon as possible.

The loss of funds occurred between November 13 and 14, just one day after the main network for Bitcoin Gold was launched. It should be remembered that this wallet “MyBTGWallet” was as recommended on the official site of Bitcoin Gold team, because shortly after, the team withdrew its recommendations from this wallet, and later urged users to report the losses they had suffered. with the SCAM Wallet to investigate what happened.

It is known that the Bitcoin Gold team attracted a third party to develop a wallet for BTG. This third person was John Dass. Bitcoin Gold granted the status of “developer” and urged all BTG users to choose their wallet type, exact, the MyBTGWallet. It should be noted that the BTG team confirmed the cooperation with John Dass and MyBTGWallet called Safe and Nafenopin Purse. Later, the Bitcoin Gold team made a statement saying that it had no relationship with the development group and could not be held accountable for John Dass’s actions.

People seem confused and Mikel Martin, one of the victims, commented on this:

I came to this site by following the link on the official website, so I trusted him. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that my BTC and BTG stored in that wallet had disappeared

After realizing the scam, an internal investigation was launched, according to spokesman Edward Iskra in a statement: Bitcoin Gold developers said they were “working with security experts to get to the bottom of this matter.” Iskra commented that, at first, John Dass affirmed his innocence.

The research points to a person, and increasingly stronger, the original developer John Dass, which, obviously, moved away from the Bitcoin Gold team.

Dass is true that he was on the Bitcoin Gold website with the label “developer”, but apparently, according to Iskra, he did not belong to the formal team of the project.

It seems that only 24 hours have been given for the voluntary return of cryptocurrencies. Now the BTG team is working with the FBI in the investigation of what happened.