Microsoft joins Cornell research group on Blockchain

Recently the technology giant Microsoft has joined the technology-based initiative of Cornell – developed by the University of the same name, whose specialists recently proposed a very interesting solution to the infiltration of nodes in the ICO – for the crypto currencies and IC3 contracts.

Yorke E. Rhodes III, Blockchain expert who stands out in the ranks of Microsoft, said in a statement that the company is most impressed by the research IC3 is carrying out, especially for its scalability and simplification work … said the statement, Rhodes explained:

“The synergies – a combination of various schemes that bring a larger scale to life – in their jobs fit well with Microsoft’s vision for Blockchain-based, enterprise-scale solutions.”

IC3 is an organization that deploys research in the area of the block chain, especially in the computer topics of distributed systems, game theory, cryptography, programming languages, and security. At the moment its staff is formed by members of the Technology Faculty of the University of Cornell, Cornell Tech; specialists from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Illinois, and finally from the Israel Institute of Technology.

The news comes shortly after Microsoft announced its new block-based platform, Coco, which has been designed to offer a simplified framework for Blockchain protocols, in order to lighten the “business readiness” around this technology. It is an ecosystem to simplify governance decisions – in one of the tests executed, Coco achieved 1,700 transactions per second using a private version of Ethereum’s Blockchain – which will be integrated with popular open source block chains such as Ethereum, R3 Rope, Hyperledger, Sawtooth and Quorum from JPMorgan … the white paper will not arrive until next year – at a time yet to be determined – when it is published on Github.

Microsoft is one of the first major companies in the technology sector to adopt or enhance the use of Blockchain software. In early 2016, the technology giant launched a project to bring Ethereum technology to its Azure cloud computing platform, allowing the creation and deployment of private or public block chains in a short time.

Eduardo Gómez

Eduardo Gómez

Eduardo Gómez is a Venezuelan freelance writer and Information's Technology Professional. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and has been drawn to it ever since. He also works as a Customer Support Agent at the San Francisco-based Bitcoin startup