Meet the New Zealand arcade that accepts payments with Bitcoin

Many remember the arcade rooms with immense affection; that is to say, we talked about one of the hobbies that most people got in the eighties and early nineties … entertainment shelters that, despite having lost the battle against the comfort of other systems to play video games and the Internet, Nowadays they are constantly honored in movies, series, and events – machines such as Space Invaders, Final Fight, Metal Slug, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat – they were so popular that they became emblematic franchises. However, there is much truth in that it is up to us to keep alive what has been “taken away” from us, so that it is still possible to find numerous places that maintain intact respect for such systems and nostalgia on the surface – people who he even decides to recover the spaces that have been forgotten, in a time that is lent so that the new generations pass olímpicamente of them. One of these places is located in the oceanic lands of New Zealand and has an addition that will conquer the fans of cryptocurrencies: it is possible to pay and play with bitcoin.

Located in Blenheim, the largest city in New Zealand, the game room takes advantage of innovative trends, paying attention to an increasingly relevant community: the followers of digital currencies. And is that as published by the newspaper New Zealand’s Stuff, nostalgic players can use a bit of BTC to return to childhood-something priceless, just as teens who sympathize with the area can break the routine with a great option The mechanics go like this: after paying using a mobile QR code, players receive tokens to spend on racing games, shooting, graphic adventures, pinball and, as it could not be otherwise, Pac-Man. Of course, we are not dealing with a catalyst that others will take note of in order to resuscitate these systems, but it is always interesting to know how far the rise of crypto actives extends.

It was Adam Scoon, the owner’s son, who recommended that he accept BTC as a means of payment. In the words of the boy:

“More and more people are learning Bitcoin and venture into the area, which, of course, increases the value of the cryptocurrency. We believe that there will come a time when Bitcoin can be used to pay for everything.”

To conquer all kinds of economic and technological frontiers, it is not only vital to continue counting the favor of the staunch public but also to gain new followers. In a world in which cryptocurrencies do not stop gaining attention, attract the gamers with those fighting classics that we will never forget – which 30-year-old does not remember using the spine of Scorpion to brush Raiden’s teeth? -, giving them the possibility to pay without annoying bills and with your favorite digital asset is, at least, a possibility worthy of appreciation.

Original article: STUFF