Master in Applied Blockchain: Programming, taxation and Cryptoeconomics, a degree of assertiveness

When we meet so many familiar faces ready to teach classes for a Master in Applied Blockchain: Programming, Taxation and Cryptoeconomics, a mixture of pride and curiosity enters.

On the page we can request information and also see who the teachers will be. We find names like David Ortega Verdun, José Antonio Bravo, Paula Pascual Cortes and others. And among those others we met with Carlos Callejo, one of those patients who is able to explain several times in what the networks are different or who is a Hash, so, taking advantage of his good will, I ask him some questions.

Who came up with this Master?

Blockchain is a technology in which we all have to go forming every so often, everything goes very fast. I, like many, have searched for courses, face-to-face training, online, in Spanish, in English, on platforms … And in the end you always end up against the same walls that you have to “jump” alone. What I found in quality Spanish was too expensive, too theoretical, and with large companies offering internships in departments that did not exist.

From Blockimpulse we had a meeting to implement blockchain in a company and I met a person who could be the bridge between the teachers of the community and the university. At that time I exposed the lack that I saw in the market and if we thought to create something it would have to be totally disruptive from the beginning.

We decided to write a documentation and they gave us the OK. We focus everything on the practical, without large companies involved and above all a marked entrepreneurial character within this new ecosystem for the students.

How did all these actors meet?

As soon as we knew that the idea could be successful, we contacted all those people we had known for a long time in the community, companies already dedicated to blockchain environments in Spain and that we really believe are the most professional in theirs. In fact, most of the tutors of the Master already have their own company in the sector and have started, not long ago, like that student who wants to learn, reading on the Internet everything that is found without any learning guide. Here we think about giving the tools and the tutorial guide so that that student goes directly to his objective.

It was relatively simple, since we put the project, the ethics of it, on the table we saw that we all thought in a similar way and that we could really come up with a very different content than what has been offered up to now. In this Master the student who wants to can really get out working on a project from the legal prism, programming or in the world of cryptoeconomics. You can even develop your own project alone or with more students with the best possible follow-up.

Is it only for developers, for technical profiles?

We know that blockchain reaches almost all profiles, and although they are different from each other, we have to have some knowledge about other sectors. For example, a lawyer or prosecutor, in the future will have to know how to interpret Smart Contracts, not write them, not design them but have a basic notion to understand them. Imagine how many jobs you need today, computer, internet connection … and a few years ago it was unthinkable.

The Master focuses on three basic points of action: Programming, Legality / Taxation and Cryptoeconomics. All accompanied by always updated information and having a clear direction where to involve the entire blockchain ecosystem.

What guarantees university certification?

We have sought university certification so that an institution such as the Universidad Europea de Miguel de Cervantes can assess, interpret and decide if the whole proposed agenda is approved by its team of teachers with years of experience. In addition to having a point of support for any student with university certification for any job and not rely on online courses of little credibility. We will try to go one step further and that each student certificate has implemented blockchain technology in its traceability and avoid falsifications or manipulations.

In addition, we have looked for a large company in the ecosystem to see the other point of view towards what is the agenda and the objective of it. In a very short time RSK (company specializing in smart contracts in the Bitcoin network) gave us its approval. In addition to introducing endless information selected for the student within the course, we will obtain double degrees for each student: The university student and the RSK student, which adds a lot of value when looking for a job.

What are the minimum requirements to access the Master?

All that the student has to have is the desire to enter, understand, touch, develop, create, devise … what he believes appropriate, within the Blockchain ecosystem that allows us to do more things every day. We are facing the new digital revolution, bringing together IoT, Big Data, IA with Blockchain. We are at the perfect moment to enter this adventure that no one imagines how far it can go.

What is the objective of the Master?

The main objective is to provide the student with a totally practical approach and that it is the student himself who decides how far to go. There will be students who only want to learn and there will be others who have the same project in progress in 9 months.

What is the goal of the university and of you as academics?

Open Blockchain to the whole world. Let people see that not everything is focused on cryptocurrencies that go up and down as crazy, but on the possible implementations that this technology has within your company, sector, future idea or in your daily life. Surely both for the university and for a large part of the population will open a fascinating world where you can create, think even dream from the beginning to success.

In addition, in a statement he indicates:

From the European University Miguel de Cervantes de Valladolid (UEMC) together with the company Excellence Innova and Blockimpulse sign a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the “Master in Applied Blockchain: Programming, Taxation and Cryptoeconomics”

Blockimpulse, a company specialized in implementing blockchain solutions for companies, SMEs and startups, introducing this technology in the business and industrial sector, has managed the project both in its definition and in the choice of teachers.

“We had the opportunity to create the Master that we would have always liked, very focused on the practical and with a strong entrepreneurial feeling”

“For this master, we have chosen a list of professors with experience in both technology and in the implementation of it in different leading sectors. In this way, in this Master will prevail the use models based on real practical cases and how it can be implemented in a own project. “

It only remains to wait to see, how many will be encouraged to take the step of learning under the tutelage of these professionals.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.