Lightning Charge Powers Developers

Bitcoin users are now able to take advantage of instant bitcoin transactions (Lightning Network), improved scalability, and lower fees—enabling many new use cases, such as micropayments.

In addition, since Lightning Network is decentralized there is no need for an online payment center or a credit card company to authorize transactions or maintain funds to hold funds, users connect directly to Lightning Network by creating several payment channels of their choice, without relying on a centralized third party.

Blockstream’s implementation of the Lightning spec,Blockstream c-lightning, focuses on the needs of the developers who will be creating Lightning-powered Bitcoin applications for these users. Though c-lightning is a low-level technology designed to implement the Lightning spec without added complexity, the true power of such an implementation can be unlocked by developer tools.

Por ello, se presenta Lightning Charge dentro del Proyecto Elements. Este paquete complementario para c-lightning, diseñado por el desarrollador independiente Nadav Ivgi que trabaja con Blockstream, hace que sea sencillo crear aplicaciones sobre Lightning.

Therefore, Lightning Charge is presented within the Elements Project. This complimentary package for c-lightning, designed by independent developer Nadav Ivgi working with Blockstream, makes it simple to build apps on top of Lightning.

Lightning Charge is a micropayment processing system written in node.js. It exposes the functionality of c-lightning through its REST API, which can be accessed through JavaScript and PHP libraries, both of which have also been released through the Elements Project. Web developers will be able to work with c-lightning through their normal programming techniques, and they’ll also get expanded functionality such as currency conversion, invoice metadata, streaming payment updates, and webhooks. Together, these additions make it easy for developers to use c-lightning to create their own, independent web-payment infrastructures.

A real and working example is the Blockstream Store, which allows you to use Lightning payments in the Bitcoin main net to make small purchases of stickers and T-shirts. However, the entire Red Lightning is still in a trial stage, with known and unknown errors, so the Store should be used with care, and at your own risk.

The Blockstream Store is based on WordPress and WooCommerce and connects with Lightning Charge and c-lightning through WooCommerce Lightning Gateway, as part of Elements Project.

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